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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Conversing with the Deceased

Conversing with the Deceased

All the puzzle pieces fit together, we just don't know how. Recently, I had a fascinating conversation with a guy whose mother had passed when he was about eight years old. There were three kids in his family, along with his father. This guy had experienced a tough life, though things had improved significantly in the last few years. He was in a good place now.

What makes his story so cool? A couple of months ago, he went to a Medium who contacted his deceased mother. Through this Medium, he and his mother had a long conversation which answered many questions and helped him understand the interplay of people and events in his life.

According to his deceased mother, before being born, she had known that her life would be short. She had a brief list of things she wanted to experience in a physical body, but she knew that much of her growth would come from reviewing these events from the other side.

Prior to birth, she had planned a life which had not included having children. However, her Guides had asked, as long as she was coming to Earth, would she mind giving birth to two children? She had thought about it and decided she could accommodate their request. Two spirits had jumped at the chance to come though her. They had rushed over, "We'll take that train! We'll take that ride!" They were aware that this meant a tough life because their mother would only be there for a short time. They were willing to accept that circumstance in exchange for the opportunity to be born. Okay. Two children. One of them was the guy telling me this story.

His mother also conferred with the spirit who was to be her husband and he wanted a specific third child, a daughter, to come through their partnership. He had work to do with this soul. The father and daughter were soul mates. The parents were going to experience life together and what he wanted out of the agreement was for her to birth the daughter. Could the mother birth this third child to fulfill his destiny? Yes.

With this story, we can see how things are set up on the other side. We can list experiences we seek and we can accommodate requests from other souls who will be part of our life.

The mother was born, eventually met the father, and they had three children. The mother passed away when the boys were around 8 and 10. The daughter was younger. Everyone's agreements had been fulfilled. Now, the mother is back in spirit working through her life experiences.

She is also a Guide for this guy's family. She watches over her grandchildren. The guy had known that he had an undisclosed Guide, but he hadn't realized (until this conversation via Medium) that it was his mother.

What a grand opportunity he had to understand the reason for his mother's short life, and the implications of her death, by actually speaking with her.

Another point he made which I had not previously heard, was that life is full of emotion and emotional reactions. On the other side, things are more matter-of-fact. Souls have to work to remember the emotions involved in their lifetimes. By focusing on the memory of an event, they can partially recapture the feeling of the moment. I asked, "Is it like Mr. Spock?" and the answer was "sort of." Emotions are a human issue based on the interaction of energies. On the other side, there is less emotion and more analysis.

So interesting. Stay tuned. There is more to this story.

Have you spoken to someone on the other side and received this kind of clarity in your life? I would love to hear about it. You can send your note to me at


P.S. I'll be giving a talk on my work next Wednesday afternoon at a meeting in Marana. If you are interested in attending, let me know and I'll provide the details.

1:32 pm mst

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Coming to Earth to Teach

Coming to Earth to Teach

This quote relates to a section in last Tuesday's post where someone was talking about a baby coming to earth and renegotiating its contract as time passed. That message was channeled in 2016. Back in 2015, I heard this message.

I asked, "Why do people come to Earth? Is it to have experiences and to learn lessons?"

The Answer:

People are not always here to learn something. They may be here to teach. They have volunteered to go from a life of true essence (be anywhere they want), to take the physical form, which is extremely limiting for energy and spirit. They take this small form, they contain themselves, because they have something to teach.

Maybe their only purpose is to teach attachment to someone who has never felt attached to anyone.

The baby dies. The baby's only lesson was to teach someone attachment. They may not have gotten the lesson, but that is not the point. That baby went through the process of change from essence to physical, to teach. Maybe the baby came to teach responsibility, compassion, or love of self. How many times has a parent stood up for themselves or for their child? There are so many lessons.

Spiritual energy transforms itself into physical energy to be able to touch and teach so many.

Thank you.

2:12 pm mst

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Adventures in Communication

Adventures in Communication

Once a month, I set up a table at the Mystic Messengers Psychic Fair and wait to see who shows up. I am not a psychic reader. I sell books, jewelry, and art. And, I talk with people. Let me share a few anonymous examples of the kinds of conversations I have. These are truly "Adventures in Communication."

At last Sunday's fair, I chatted with a stone sculptor. This work came very naturally to him and, in the course of our conversation, he mentioned that during a past-life reading he had been told that he had done this work in previous lifetimes. It was no wonder he was an expert in stone carving and restoration.

He told me another fascinating thing: when he works creatively with a stone, it is a conversation. He and the stone communicate their ideas about the work. When a piece is complete, it is not just a statue; it is evidence of a conversation between an artist and a rock. Wow.

I also chatted with a woman who communicates with trees and Saguaros. They have messages for us. Think about that. We talk about "communing with nature," but I love the idea of actual messages being exchanged.

I met a paranormal investigator. She searches for non-physical entities and, sometimes, finds evidence of their existence.

Last Sunday, I also had a reading with a psychic: everything looks good. Another adventure in inter-realm communication.

It is any wonder I enjoy setting up at the Fair?

I talk to psychics and intuitives about what they do and what they know. Their insights often show up on this blog. I learn about how the universe works from their real-life, extraordinary, experiences. This work stretches my understanding and expands the joy in my life. I very much appreciate the interesting people who share their spiritual experiences with me. A big "Thanks!" to all of you.

One more thing: Later this month, I'll be going the Tucson Gem show to look for baubles and metaphysical tools. Let me know if there is anything you would like for me to look for, for you.

And then another: I met a woman who is starting a Metaphysical Meet-Up Group in the Marana area (northwest Tucson). If you are interested in joining this group, let me know and I'll pass your name and e-mail address to her.

Take care.


8:09 am mst

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Exceptional Times
Quote from a Channeled Message

"These are exceptional times. Be joyous that you incarnated during this time. So many souls wanted to be here, incarnated, for this event. You were chosen. You were special. You have worked lifetimes to prepare for this. Now it is 'game on.'

"Go forth. Spread the love and the joy that you have in your hearts. Acknowledge the change. Acknowledge the perfection that you are. Acknowledge that you are here to help others get through this period.

"You are on a mission to assist. A mission to experience. A mission to be part of the ascension from third dimensional energies into the fifth and sixth dimensions.

"The Change of the Ages is occurring and is going extremely well. Beyond what was believed possible. Participate. Allow yourself, your energies, to flow freely with those energies which are being beamed in to Mother Earth and to you. Mother Earth has made her ascension (we will use that term). Participating with these energies, you too can be at the same level she is, and higher if you wish.

"We are very joyous over what you have achieved. We support you. We are here for you. We will assist you in any way we can, and every way we can. We are there at a moment's notice. The instant you think of us, we are there. We never, ever, leave your side. Be aware of how much we are there and how much we want to be integrated into your life to help you. Allow yourself to be free. Allow yourself to feel fulfilled, for you truly are."


10:10 am mst

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Near-Death Experiences Happen all the Time

Announcement: This Sunday, I'll be set up at Mystic Messengers Psychic Fair at the DoubleTree Inn (across from Reid Park) in Tucson, AZ. The Fair runs from 9 a.m until 4 p.m. If you are interested in what this new year holds for you, come talk to a reader. If you would like a fresh piece of chakra-balancing jewelry, come talk to me. I hope to see you there!

Near-Death Experiences Happen all the Time

Today's post presents a unique perspective on near-death experiences (NDEs). This is a different way of thinking about our choices. During a channeling session, I asked, "Why do so many people have NDEs?"

The answer:

"That's like asking, ‘Why do people dream?' It is their reality. Everyone has NDEs, whether they recall them or not. Everyone has dreams, whether they recall them or not. Everyone breathes, whether they know it or not.

"This is not anyone's first incarnation. [Let that sink in for a moment.]

"People choose to pass, or not to pass, and when and how. There are close calls that are ‘wow-awarenesses.' People recall and share some NDEs, but others are held close to their hearts because they don't believe they happened, much less believe anyone else would believe it. It is more common than not. Only now is it being spoken about. People will realize there is a force greater than themselves, within themselves."

I responded, "Thank you for that answer, that was illuminating. I didn't realize they were so common. A couple of people have told me that their NDE was about renegotiating their contract for life on Earth. Is that one reason people have NDEs?"

The answer:

"It's not the reason they have it. It is something that they do in that time. Most people recheck their contracts often. Contracts with children, spouses, employment, and self. That is checking in with your contracts. Some use that NDE time and recall having done it, but every single person renews their contracts at all times, within themself.

"It is a matter of awareness. Things comes to a fruition, a certain point of energy, where we need to make a choice or take a different direction. Sometimes there are life experiences that push us, nudge us; sometimes there are triggers. Sometimes it is just the energy reaching a point where something has ended and something new begins. Whether that be illness, marital contracts; whether that be children and how long they live. All of it is a renegotiation of contracts.

"If a child chose to come into life and was supposed to live five years, but something surprising happened at six months, the child might renegotiate their contract. If the individuals involved got the message without it taking five years [the child might leave sooner]. It‘s all a matter of choice. If the child had accepted the responsibility, but saw that the others weren't going to get the message in five years and "other souls need me now," exit stage right. There is always the constant higher knowing that allows us to choose and to pick.

"Every day, you choose whether to get out of bed. Every day, you select the clothing you wear. You choose and select whether or not you are going to come home to the same house and the same marriage. Even though that marriage, and the relationship, and you, are changing continuously, you choose to be there, or not. What they call ‘the mid-life crisis' is merely the energy coming to a certain point. People look at it and say, ‘Is this all there is?'

"NDEs are the same thing. ‘Is that all there is?' ‘Is there more I can do?' It's a point in which the energy can no longer sit as it is. It requires a choice.

"Many have walked away from commitments, careers, families, whatever it takes, to find their highest and greatest good and purpose. NDEs provide an avenue to address that. But less dramatic things also bring people to those points.

"NDEs are not that unique. An actual physical injury is not necessary. People are not exaggerating when they say someone died of sorrow. Someone died of grief. Someone died of loneliness. There comes a point of reckoning within the energies. Individuals in the physical form can tolerate and handle much, but there is a breaking point.

"Some break. Some get stronger. Some continue in their darkness. All of that is choice and also a matter of fortitude. Some people can live to 100 and not give up. Others give up out of tenderness, gentleness, kindness, love. There are many reasons to give up, just as many as there are reasons to stay and keeping putting one foot in front of the other with love and faith."

So much to think about. Let me know if this rings true for you.


11:07 am mst

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New Year, New Mantra

New Year, New Mantra

Emmy Morgan shared something which works for her. Everyday she says, "God, I am . . . whatever it is." For example, "God, I am feeling terrific today," "God, I am really happy." "God, I am attracting the best people into my life." "God, I am filled with excitement and love and it just gets better and better."

More examples, "God, I am the best massage therapist ever," "God, I am the nicest guy." "God, I am attracting huge amounts of money."

Emmy added, "You start believing it and you start drawing to you exactly what you are saying. It's that simple. It is so simple."

"My whole life changed. Everything changed. I feel positive. I'm in the best place in my life. It feels wonderful. The more I expect the best, the more the best happens. It's amazing. It's wonderful. That's what I think."

Thank you, Emmy, for sharing your thoughts and positive attitude with all of us.

You can contact Emmy

11:14 am mst

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Setting up 2017

Setting up our New Year

2017 is coming and it looks daunting. How will we handle the changes? Are there positive ways to think about the upcoming challenges?

Today, I am sharing three more ideas from the psychics. You can combine these ideas with Tuesday's Quote about holding your truth and last week's set of Psychic Predictions for 2017, to develop a good attitude towards the future.

1) It is a time for change. If we don't change and grow, we stagnate. This is true for body, mind, spirit, and politics. Change is imperative. It is not something to fear. If we look for the best in the changes, we will find them.

The people we think are harming us, are actually offering opportunities for growth. We can become stronger and better-empowered. We can make good decisions which keep us vibrating at a high level. If we want to, we can stand up for ourselves and our opinions. We are all in this together.

2) Keep your personal space clear of negative energy. Don't give in to fear. Don't allow negativity to affect your personal peace and happiness.

Create a healthy and happy scenario. Develop a thought process which keeps your life free from negativity. When you see negativity coming your way, notice the approach, but don't allow the energy to attach to you. Visualize protection any way you can. For example, visualize the negative energy as water coming towards you. Diversion canals carry the energy around you. No matter what someone does, don't allow their thoughts to attach to you. By envisioning protection, you won't get wet.

This simple, protective thought is extremely strong and structured. Without your permission, negative energy cannot attach to you. The energy of your thoughts is one of the most amazing forces in existence. You can change the universe with your thoughts.

3) The next few years will be tumultuous and we need to prepare. The people who are anchoring third-dimensional reality have begun their last gasp of control. We are moving into the fifth and sixth dimensions. Third dimensional energy will remain in place for a few years, but the changeover has begun.

Those who control the world's economic life and culture, are going to try to exert control in a very overt way. There may be periods of deprivation as they attempt to control food, water, and energy. Stash away a bit of food and water for these periods.

They are going to fail 100%, but, until then, they will do disruptive things.

I remember writing about protecting our personal, "life bubbles" last year. Keep things clean and positive. Then, try to extend your bubble to encompass the people you know, your community, your country, and then the world. Since writing about this, I have seen the concept show up in other people's articles. We are all connected. We are facing challenges, but we can remain positive as we move forward together.

Here's to a healthy, happy, prosperous New Year!


1:57 pm mst

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Hold your Truth

 Quote from a Psychic - Hold your Truth

With all of the changes that are coming, the important thing to remember is not to get emotionally involved or you will be sucked into it. Know that everything is in divine order and that everything always works out regardless of the BS of the broadcasts over the airwaves. Your life is in harmony and it needs to be your truth. Your experience is your truth. Forget everybody else. That is how they are going to try to persuade you to get you sucked into the last throes of the past.

The energies of the 3rd dimension cannot survive in the 5th and 6th dimensional energies that we are going into. Those thoughts won't survive, so the energies have to dissipate. If we just sit back and hold our truth, everything will be perfect.

11:47 am mst

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Eight Psychic Predictions for 2017

Eight Psychic Predictions for 2017

I asked several psychics at the Mystic Messengers Psychic Fair, "Do you have a prediction for 2017?" These are their answers:

Spiderwoman Ilise:

"I see turmoil in the beginning of the year and then, it's like a reverse bell curve. It evens out. Things settle down and become really calm. Calmer than they have been in a long time. Maybe around May.

"There will still be turmoil during and after the inauguration. Then, things start to settle into a norm. I feel that it's going to be a little different norm than it is now. How? I'm not sure. I feel this calmness. This centered, peaceful, calmness. Around May. That's what I'm getting."

Emmy Morgan:

"Really good things. I feel positive. I'm in the best place in my life. It feels wonderful. The more I expect the best, the more the best happens. It's amazing. It's wonderful. That's what I think."

Morgana Dragonfly:

"We have all been really worried about the election. About two weeks before election day, I knew who the winner was going to be.

"There is a lot of fear and anger going around right now. As surely as I knew who the winner was going to be, I also know that he will not come through on any more of his election promises than any previous President ever did.

"With time, the fears pass and things calm down. Yes, there are changes, but a lot of the changes are good shake ups that the nation needs. If people will release their fear and relax, it's going to be alright. That's the way I feel about it.

"Everybody is reacting in the absolute worst way they could react right now. They should release the fear and breathe, and take a wait and see attitude. Don't jump on the bandwagon and be behind him. Just take a wait and see attitude."

Kathryn Summers:

"Everyone is afraid of change. We are coming to major changes. These changes are not negative. They are very positive. With the new President, everyone is afraid of change, but change is what we need. It is going to be a very positive year.

"I work with an eight year old boy. I call him ‘The Golden Child.' The first thing he told me about the change is that people will start becoming more spiritual. People will start loving each other. There is no more time for war. You are going to hear that from people. That is very good.

"He says that right now there is positive and negative. He says the positive is winning. It's about time. People are becoming more spiritual."

John Hunter:

"It's a year of big changes. I think people will be nicer to each other once we realize we are all we've got. It's that sense of community being re-formed. Re-done. Re-established. It will be peaceful for us because we will be pulling together. That is naturally what we are here to do. All those things are good, it's just that to get to that point, we have to go through a lot of change. We are right on course with that. It's happening right with the big plan.

"The election represents a changing of the system which had to happen. Now we get to do what we do best: adapt. But, it's not done changing yet. It's just the very beginning.

"We still have the financial change coming up. Our system will change. The government will be cleaned out, as far as corruption or things that have taken the progress of the US off course. The benefit has been taken away from the people and I think that we will get it again, but we have to get rid of this old system. Everything seems to be right on schedule.

"People will treat each other better after they realize they can't treat each other any worse. That is how it goes. That is how things have always gone.

"People need to eliminate fear. Until they do, it's going to be rough. It‘s a rough ride. Change and transition are rough when dealing with fear. The election was full of unnecessary fear. People are frozen in their tracks. That's not productive. Now we have exposed it. To heal something, you have to expose it. That is how we should look at it. We've got to expose a lot of things. Even though people are going to have a hard time dealing with it, at least it's exposed. The next step is healing. That's positive.

"I predict that next year is a major part of exposure, then we have 2018 to adapt. In 2019, we start healing. By 2020, it is just a good, normal environment. Then, we start advancing from that point for the next seven years, until 2027."

Carolyn Munson:

"When you see a shadow, you know there is light. That's how I feel about the election. Light makes the shadow. Don't be afraid of the shadow because there is always a light."

Patricia Kirkman:

"Next year is all about fresh starts and new beginnings. Everyone has an opportunity to open doors, to go for what they are looking for, by being in charge of who they are. We are going to have doors open that we hadn't thought about in a long time.

"The most important thing is the universal one year. It's all about new beginnings, fresh starts, taking that deep breath, and flying with the sky."

Diane Donato:

"America is going to discover that there are two sides to a coin, but there is just one coin. We are all one, regardless of which side of the coin we identify with.

"America is going to wake up. The whole world is going to wake up. It's going to be painful and it's going to be joyful. You have to focus on the joyful moments to help get through the painful ones.

"Honestly, I think that liberals and conservatives really want the same thing. We just have different ways of going about getting it. Eventually, we will meet on middle ground. It's going to work. It just takes time. We need to heal wounds. As Gandhi said, we need to be the change that we want to see in the world. That's the truth."

11:51 am mst

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Patricia's 2017 Prediction
Removed. See blog post above.
10:03 am mst

Thursday, December 15, 2016

What did you want to be when you grew up?

What did you want to be when you grew up?

When you were young, did you know what you were going to do with your life? Did things turn out the way you expected they would? Think back. Were you interested in a certain career, or parenthood, or a lifestyle? What did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was young, I had no idea what I would do as an adult. I remember, in high school, reading books about ESP and parapsychology. At the time, ESP studies were coming out of Russia. As I read those studies, I had no clue that I would devote so much of my life to thinking about intuition and psychic ability.

As a teenager, I loved doing crafts. My first real job was at a hobby and arts shop where I helped customers figure out how to create their artwork. I knew paints, decoupage techniques, and how to get plaster to set just right. As an adult, I devoted time to crafts and attempted to become a professional artist and/or crafts designer, but that didn't grow the way I had hoped it would.

In high school, I loved photography. As an adult, I was snapping photos before smart phones made it so easy. I still do.

I was never a fiction writer. I had a diary and I wrote notes in class. I chronicled life in words and photos. I was a photojournalist for my high school paper. Later, I trained in journalism and science.

After college, I had a career as an Environmental Planner. This was not something which had grown from a childhood interest. It evolved through education, an interest in biology, and the luck of finding an entry level position which I could develop into a career.

As an employee, I wrote and edited reports. I also transcribed a lot of meeting minutes. This is the skill I use most these days: listening to others, writing their words, then assembling them into coherent passages.

I was fortunate to be able to leave mid-career and spend time raising my children and exploring my interests.

I see how the skills I developed prepared me for the work I do today, but it was one step at a time. One skill developed, then another. I had no idea I would spend eight years interviewing psychics about their lives and abilities, then writing about all I had heard.

I didn't have a plan for my life. I just stumbled along and things either fell into place, or they didn't.

How does this relate to psychic ability? When I asked this question of a small group of psychics, most of them said that either (1) they had known from childhood what they would do as adults, or (2) they had experienced a vision or a revelation which had shown them their choices.

How about you? As a child, did you know what you would do with your life? Did your life turn out the way you imagined it would? I would love to hear from you because I am wondering about how childhood ideas relate to psychic ability. I need some data points, or stories, or anecdotes, to ponder.

I'm going to post this question on My Psychic Search's Facebook page. You can either e-mail your answer to me or post it on Facebook. I would really appreciate your help with this question: Did you know from childhood how your life would work out?

Thanks for helping me figure out how psychic ability works!


2:36 pm mst

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Margarita's Tools
 Quote from a Psychic - Margarita's Tools

I asked Margarita about the tools she uses to do psychic readings. She told me:

"I use cards, palms, astrology, and photos. I do dream interpretation.

"You just keep adding to your repertoire. Sometimes you come up with something on your own. If you rigidly stick with one thing, as opposed to allowing Spirit to flow, I think you end up with a block."

I asked, "Do you have a favorite technique?"

She replied, "Each one is a favorite.

"You use what is necessary for the client. Some clients refuse to allow me to use certain tools, like cards. Others say, ‘I already had astrology,' or ‘I want my palm read because I want to see what kind of man I'll marry.' People's preconceptions can determine which tool I use.

"Sometimes, when I am done, people will say, ‘That's not what I expected.' I tell them what is there, but they would rather have an affirmation of their belief. Sorry. If that's what they want, they can call a psychic hotline. I don't do that. I only give the information which is there."

Thanks, Margarita, for helping us understand how you choose your tools. Most months, you can find Margarita at the Mystic Messengers Psychic Fair.


9:21 am mst

Thursday, December 8, 2016

A Time of Transition

A Time of Transition

It's a time of transition in our country and in the world. The numerologists tell me that we are completing a nine-year cycle. In January, it's all about new beginnings. Right now, it's a good idea to set up whatever we want to have in our lives for the next nine years.

Our local Mystic Messenger's Psychic Fair is a microcosm of the transition in the world. Patricia Kirkman has run the Fair for 20 years; now, the reins are being turned over to someone new. Several of my buddies have decided not to be readers at the Fair any longer. It doesn't have anything to do with the new management, they are just setting up their next nine years of work. I am going to miss these psychics! However, I am certain I will begin chatting with new-to-me psychics and will end up with fascinating stories to share with you. This is an opportunity to hear new voices.

In my own life, I also seeing endings. A few weeks ago, I posted about how events are dropping out of my life. I haven't seen the new beginnings yet, but I trust they are on their way. New Year's Eve is often a time of reflection and goal setting for the upcoming year. Maybe, because this is a nine year, we get to do it a little early.

When I envision my future, I am reminded of a conversation I had with John Hunter earlier this year. I was telling him about an issue in my life and he told me to be exact in imagining a better scenario. He explained that the key to a better life is figuring out how to define "better." When you say, "I just want it to be better," there is no way for the energy to do anything. It doesn't know what that means. If you say, "My better is this," "The scenario that makes me feel good is this," you create the space for that scenario to take place.

He suggested that we be specific about what we want to happen. Don't just ask for health and happiness. Figure out the details, then ask for them. This process allows energy to flow and fill in the request. The more specific we are, the more efficiently things move.

Beth Hays once told me, "It's easier to say what we don't want, than it is to say what we do want."

Once you figure out what you want in your life, wake up every morning and reinforce your desires. If you find energy coming your way to undermine your perfect scenario, try to redirect that energy around yourself. Maintain peace in your energetic field.

Visualize what you want. The energy of our thoughts is an amazing force. Our thoughts can change the universe. We just have to remember that we are capable of that kind of accomplishment.

Let's release anything we don't want in our lives as we complete our nine-year cycle, and envision all we do want in the new nine-year cycle.

Let me know what you think.


3:11 pm mst

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Working with Angels

 Quote from Emmy Morgan - Working with Angels

I asked Emmy about the tool she uses to give readings.

Emmy replied, "I use angels. I embrace them. For me, the angels are my protection and they are also a doorway into a much bigger, expansive pool of knowledge than I can access on my own.

"There is something else about the angels: they never lie. They come from this place of unconditional love, at least in my experience. I don't do anything without calling them in, no matter what.

"While I continue to call them in, and I always do, there is the truth that comes out of me that I normally don't even know that I have. The angels are like a column of awareness which goes around me and through me, but I'm not aware of it. I deliberately call them in before I do anything.

I asked, "Do you see the angels?"

Emmy said, "No. I just feel their energy.

"I don't even work with archangels, I just need my angel. I called her ‘Cee.' Five or ten years later, I realized it was ‘See.' I had no idea. See. I still think Cee.

"She came to me when I lived on Pacific Beach in San Diego. Every day, I would do my Chi Gong by the edge of the water. Every day, I would say, ‘I know you are there, what is your name?' I wouldn't hear a thing.

"Finally, I said, ‘Oh for goodness sakes, what is it?' I heard a bunch of things. When I heard ‘Cee', I said, ‘That's it.' I tried all kinds of flowery names, but they didn't fit me. ‘Cee,' which is really ‘See,' works."

Thank you Emmy for letting us know how you do your work.

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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Where do Souls come from?

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Where do Souls come from?

Have you ever wondered where you came from? Where you were before birth? And before that? Where do individual souls come from?

Recently, two people shared their understanding of the origin of souls. When I hear the same kind of thing twice, I think I need to share it with you. Today these two people, who don't know each other, discuss our origin. Both accounts have been edited for clarity.

A Channeled Message

The creation of the soul. Earlier tonight, you mentioned meteor showers. Imagine this as your beginning. Your creation. Your stepping into individuality. Each of you, at one time, was part of Divine Source. And each of you, indeed, still is Divine Source. But the creation of your individuality occurred like this, and we say "like this" because, like so many mysteries of the universe, once you put words on them, you limit them. However, the visualization may help you understand the process.

You know that the sun gives off light. Now imagine not just the sun from your solar system, but the Central Sun which is a representation of Source. Clearly, Source cannot be confined in any one place, even in something as substantial as the Central Sun, but for the moment, let the Central Sun represent the Divine from which you were birthed.

As rays of light emanate from the sun, visualize a beam of light thrown out from that sun. That beam of light is the individual God-light within you. It came from the Central Sun, was one (and still is one) with the Central Sun, but when that beam of light came forth from the Sun, at that moment, it was conscious of its separation.

Each of you will live lifetimes then, eventually, go through the illusion of the separation and once again become part of the Central Sun, which we are using as a metaphor for Source.

Your conscious return to the Oneness of Source is inevitable. You don't need to rush it. You don't need to feel like enlightenment has to be obtained in this lifetime or within some finite measurement of time. Know that it has already happened.

We leave this with you in hopes that it will clarify your understanding.

An Intuitive Recollection - John Hunter

I was taken to the moment of my conscious birth. I was set forth, set out, freed from The Creative Energy of all Things. I was expressed like a photon from the sun. Just an energy, the smallest increment of energy that we can measure, like a photon. I was expressed from the sun. That's how we are created. My journey from the sun was to this earth.

I understood how I traveled, and how I came into contact with other energies and matter, up until this present time on earth. I was a developed consciousness coming into physical matter. I understood every step that it took to be in physical matter. To exist in this present moment, I had to accept and acknowledge all the death, all the abuse, all the imperfections, so that I could focus on the perfections of life.

We have to handle the fact that there is bad and good, cause and effect. For me to love, I have to understand hate.

It's hard when you are unlimited to come into these limited scenarios and still operate with love, and still have some conscious knowledge of self. You have to decide not to carry it all with you. You don't need to know everything about your whole existence to exist right now. You choose not to know everything. That's okay. You forgive yourself for that. You are responsible for saying, "I forgive myself for not remembering everything. I only need this right now."

When you leave your body, all that other stuff will be present. It is the fear of that, that keeps people trapped. The fear of their full conscious self, of knowing their whole journey. People are afraid of that. That is the part of death that is so mysterious. What happens? "When I leave this body, do I become nothing or do I become everything?" You become everything. You have the possibility of becoming everything.

What do you think? Does any of this ring true for you? Do you remember your origin too? Send an e-mail to to let me know what you think.


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