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The Current Blog, 2010-2015

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Thursday, November 26, 2015

How Life Works

How Life Works

Happy Thanksgiving!

This is a lovely, calm, quiet day in Tucson, Arizona. I am happy to be home with my family. I am grateful for this good life. I live with my wonderful husband, two terrific daughters, and a happy dog. We have a nice home, complete with air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter. We have hot water all year long. We have some money in the bank. This may sound simplistic, but I am eternally grateful for every one of these things. They provide the foundation so that I can do what I love doing: researching and writing about psychic phenomena.

I feel like I work with the Universe to co-create this wonderful life. This is what I have figured out about how life works:

Before birth, we create a contract for our life. We set up our life situation with all of the challenges and opportunities which we will need. Then, we come to Earth with our outline and our free will. We use our free will to fill in the details of our life while fulfilling our contract. We have a life purpose to work on, personal lessons to learn, and Karma from previous lifetimes to re-balance. All the while, we are allowing G-d to learn vicariously from our experiences. Our life purpose is often a project, while our life lesson is to learn to love our self.

We circle through incarnations with a group of friends and help each other achieve our goals. If, mid-way through our life, we realize that we are not enjoying our journey, or think we made a mistake when we set up our life, we can change the circumstances of our life and change the roles we are playing. We can sow new seeds. Yet, even as we change our circumstances, we continue to fulfill our contract, work on our project, learn our lessons, burn Karma and allow G-d to work through us.

We are cycling around on a Wheel of Incarnation trying to learn to love ourselves and understand who we truly are so that, eventually, we can evolve off of the Wheel and move to different realms and realities. Knowing that some people can communicate with invisible entities and bring messages to the rest of us provides proof for this mystery-laden set-up.

On our Journey, we are assisted by Spirit Guides, angels, deceased loved ones and our Higher Self. We are infused with the energy of life.

It's a lot to comprehend. The more often I remind myself how this works, the better I understand the concepts. If this makes sense to you too, feel free to share this post with your friends.

I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. Let it be the kick-off for a heart-felt holiday season.


10:14 am mst

Tuesday, November 24, 2015



A psychic answers the question: Why is it important to forgive others?

When you run into a negative person and you grow to hate them, and then someone tells you that you must forgive them, you might say, "I forgive them," but you won't mean it. That is okay. As you continue to say, "I forgive them," it will come to pass. By speaking those words out loud, the words, sounds, and forgiveness go into your ears. They resonate within you. The forgiveness is not for them, it is for you to change that hatefulness within you into a forgiving vibration, to change you.

Will it change them? When they are ready.

When you forgive, you are not forgiving and changing another person. You are saying, "I forgive you," in order to change yourself. To allow that which aggravated you and created that hatefulness to cease to be, so that you now know how to return to your peaceful and contented life.

10:08 am mst

Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Lightworker's Role

War & Peace - Part II

The Lightworker's Role

On Tuesday, I shared information about this planet being a place of conflict. The set-up allows us to explore war and violence. Those who prefer peace and calm can create that in their personal lives.

Seeing the big picture of what is happening helps us understand how things work, but it doesn't alleviate our pain when we see violence or terrorism. We still feel for all the people who were killed or maimed, and our hearts go out to the families and friends who are dealing with loss and change. We sympathize with the people in the hospitals and with the witnesses whose lives have been forever altered.

We may be eternal spirits, but we are also human beings.

When I write this blog, I try to share what I am learning about how life works. It's fascinating, but this intellectual understanding goes hand-in-hand with the raw emotions of life. It's important to activate all aspects of our being: mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical.

Intellectually, we can see how the world works. Emotionally, we can have compassion and understanding. Spiritually, we can maintain our calm while extending our love. Physically, we can help others and defend ourselves.

People use evidence to support whatever position they already have. Some will look at terrorist attacks and use them to support the idea that more-intense wars are needed. Others will look at the same events, see that what is being done is not working, and realize that a new path to peace is needed. Extreme reactions range from fear with escalating violence, through indifference, to love with compassion.

We can choose our reaction.

If you are reading this blog because you are interested in psychics and a spiritual perspective, you may feel that you are a lightworker - a person who invites light into this plane, anchors that light, then extends it to the world. As lightworkers, it is our job to channel love-light energy to the world around us. However, there are dangers and difficulties in getting caught up in other people's drama. We need to remain centered and at peace within our own being.

It can be tricky to maintain our calm and peaceful inner life and inner awareness when we see what is happening in the wider world. We need to be mindful of the balance between a wonderful, peaceful, harmonious detachment from the craziness of the world, and the divine responsibility to project love and light.

Keeping that need for balance in mind, take a moment to act. Close your eyes. Become calm and centered. Draw in peace, then send that peace, love, and light to the world.

If you are reading this blog, you can be a lightworker.

Questions or comments? You can send an e-mail to me anytime at If you want to chat in person, come visit me this weekend at the Tucson Museum of Art Holiday Artisans Market.


11:07 am mst

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

War and Peace

War and Peace - Part I

We live in a world of war and peace. A world where souls play roles in order to have a variety of experiences and, sometimes, to allow other people to have the experiences they seek. Many people make sacrifices. Many people live in love. All experiences are valuable.

The following message was recently channeled by a psychic. It explains some of the complicated dynamics of our world. I hope you find it useful.

"There will be no end to war until all human beings achieve peacefulness within themselves. War will continue in whatever way, shape, or form mankind can imagine.

"In that Paris catastrophe, what you can do is, you can forgive, you can pray, you can meditate and help guide those who have passed over [to move] into a thought process that allows them to see those in spirit who have come to assist them because some of them cannot see [the helpers]."

"Some human beings have the absolute need to physically manifest their belief systems. This is what is going on. All war is belief systems. Will violence change a belief system? I do not believe it will. Kindness will change a belief system, but it will not be overnight.

"Those who have chosen to pass over, who were the perpetrators of this, expect that they will be visiting Allah and having their 100 virgins. They will not. Truth is absolutely manifest in spirit. Those who arrive and have not experienced the truth of who they are, will be guided and taught like children in a classroom. They will see exactly what happened and the choices they made and how those choices impacted [others].

"Some who have died, have died to give them (the perpetrators) that experience. It is not an easily explained dynamic when violence happens.

"Generally speaking, once a war is completed, whether there are winners or losers, the dynamic of civilization adjusts to that victory and life goes on. Thirty years after that, or 50 years, or even 100 years after, all those who have lived through the war or died in the war, will be in spirit. They will look at one another and realize that they had participated in something that needed to happen in their belief system. But, is there another way? They are taught different ways of looking at life. They can come back and try to foster that change of understanding and attitude in their new life.

"War will not end until all human beings have the ability to keep centered in their peacefulness."

11:42 am mst

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Divine Intervention?

Announcement: Next weekend I'll be set up at the Tucson Museum of Art Holiday Artisans Market. It runs from November 20-22, in downtown Tucson. I love that show.


Divine Intervention?

In the last week, two of my friends have had critical moments.

One friend was dozing off at night when he heard popping and smelled smoke. He managed to escape from his trailer before the entire thing went up in flames. He escaped with a pair of pants, and somehow managed to move his car far enough from the trailer that it was not consumed along with everything else he owned. He is in shock. He has nothing. Nothing. His books are gone. His musical instruments are gone. Fortunately, he still has a car, a job, friends, and family. Why did this happen? Was it a random event or the presentation of an opportunity to reconsider his life and decide where and how to rebuild? Was this an exit point not taken? Was this a chance for his friends and family to step up with assistance? An opportunity for a guy who never needed anything from anyone, to learn to receive assistance?

My other friend was traveling down the Interstate when a car came at her head-on. She managed to swerve into the next lane so that the car broad-sided her instead of hitting head-on. Airbags deployed and she survived. But the aftershock will take its toll. The fog of life. The attempt to figure out what happened.

Why do people live or die in these situations? Were these exit opportunities? Were these people guided by those in spirit?

I am very grateful to the Universe that these folks are still with us.

So I'm posing a question today: Do people survive because of Divine Intervention or their own choice not to take a life exit, or are these just random events which happen to each of us occasionally? Are they the kinds of experiences which are planted so that we have opportunities for growth?

My friends survived these pivotal events. If these people had passed, we would have wished them well on their next phase of existence. Because they survived, we say, "It could have been worse." We pull the positive from the experience. We see the loss of material possessions as a way to start over, making the choices which light us up (pun intended). A fresh opportunity to choose where to live and which items to replace. We release the baggage (literally, the suitcases burned in the fire) and figuratively (the accumulated possessions which keep us tethered to our spot). We are free to be vagabonds. To live in the moment. To be in shock at our loss while imagining a new future. Reconstruct the past, or try something new? This is our growth.

If folks don't survive a catastrophe, we can believe that they were given an exit point and they took it. There is no shame in leaving or in staying. Maybe people are ready to go, maybe not. Everyone has free will to choose.

And, even those who remain here physically can use these events to release aspects of their personalities which they have outgrown: their ego, their over-confidence, their need for staunch independence.

So my question today is: Did angels, Spirit Guides, or deceased loved ones wake this guy up help him out of his trailer? Did the Guides see a life-or-death situation and urge an Interstate lane change?

Has this kind of thing happened to you? Did you feel Divine Intervention? I would love to hear your story. Please e-mail it to me at


12:14 pm mst

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Choosing the Love Vibration
Near-Quote from an Intuitive*

Energetically, the world is entering a new wave of vibration. It's like an energy war. Two different waves of energy are interacting. A dominant energy will prevail. People are feeling this. They can look on TV, see the world in dysfunction, and see how things are changing. There is no stability. We feel it, we see it. Energetically, we feel the conflict of the old stale vibration being overtaken by the new higher vibrational wave.

Fear is the blanket of negativity that we can choose to view things through, but it's not appropriate. It's not reality. Fear is a made-up concept.

We need to choose to view events through love, or the positive energy, or the life-sustaining energy. If we look at them through that vibration, we can see how events provide opportunities for growth. Ultimately, no matter where we are on our path, we are here to grow. We are here to expand. We cannot deny ourselves that. That is all we truly know. Once we lose our physical bodies and all limitations, we are energy beings which want to grow. We have to get in touch with that aspect of our self.

We can't buy into scare tactics. They are low vibrations. They don't allow us to see reality. The reality is that we are in a wave of higher vibration. Trying to see something through a low vibration can never happen. The only way we can see things for what they are, is by choosing to see them through love or the higher vibration.

It's like having a new pair of glasses and an old pair of glasses. Our eyes have strengthened and gotten better so with this new prescription we are going to see things clearly. But if we put on the old, scratched-up lenses with the prescription which worked 20 years ago, we are not going to see clearly. We are going to get a headache.

We have to claim responsibility for ourselves and say, "If I have the option, I choose to see things out of love, not fear." That is what we are responsible for. That choice determines our whole experience on this planet. All the rest are details.

When we hear negative news, we can say, "I've seen it on TV, but I don't think it is the truth. In my heart, I don't feel a positive, warm feeling. It doesn't make my heart feel alive." As we choose to say, "I'm going to follow my heart. I know that the things that make my heart feel good are reality," that is the love vibration. That is the new vibration we exist in. That is when we get this beautiful, fulfilling, positive signal saying there are possibilities and growth. That is what is true.

With this new vibration, we have a chance to grow better, faster, and stronger than ever before. That is a fact.

John Hunter


* I needed to edit this piece, but the ideas came from John.

11:14 am mst

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Arguing with Spirit

Arguing with Spirit

While psychics receive messages from Spirit, they are also human. The messages may be clear, but the psychics may find them hard to accept and may argue with Spirit. Several psychics told me that even when they understand a message, they don't always want to accept it.

Before birth, we work with our Guides to negotiate a contract which spells out the major experiences we are here to have and the major lessons we are here to learn. Of course, the overriding lesson for all of us is refine our ability to love and to be loved. Beyond that, we might work on compassion, or patience, or resolving outstanding karma from previous incarnations. In any event, the major milestones and challenges are laid out prior to birth.

Then, we use our free will to fill in the details of our life outline. This where we often argue with Spirit.

When I asked Kermie Wohlenhaus how she could distinguish the information coming from her angels with the information coming from her imagination, she explained:

"At first, you think you are making things up. Many times, it seems to be in your voice. But, they will say things that you wouldn't normally say, especially if you start arguing.

"Here's a small example: I'll ask the angels what they want me to wear and they will say, ‘Wear the blue skirt and top.' I'll say, ‘But I really wanted to wear the green.' They will say, ‘You could wear the green, but we suggest you wear the blue.' I'll argue, ‘What about the red? I could wear that.' Then, they will show me a picture in my mind of the blue outfit. I end up wearing what they suggest. [Laughing] I get that constant kind of nudging. Of course, we can do anything we want (it is a free will planet), but I have found that by doing what they suggest, it always turns out to be the right choice, and I am grateful for their input. The day I wore the blue outfit, the person I met complimented the color and took a photo which is now on Facebook. It really was the perfect choice."

Later in our interview Kermie added, "Many times, clients argue with me. They tell me that their angels are wrong. That's okay. I do it too. I am as resistant as anyone else. I'm just telling them what the angels are saying. They should write it down, or remember it, for future reference. They can do whatever they want with the information; but, it is important that they understand what they are being told by their angels."

Another psychic told me that she had gone to G-d's desk and asked to be of service in any way that Spirit desired, then found herself arguing about what she was actually willing to do. Nancy Parsons shared this story about her development:

"My day job was never good. I was working at my job and not doing readings. I needed health insurance, etc. I said, ‘I'm sorry, G-d. I know I signed up to do readings, but I'll just have to do them on the side.' I was never happy. I was only happy on the first Sunday of every month when I could sit down at the Psychic Fair and do what I loved doing. I couldn't act, write, or do other stuff which I enjoyed. I didn't have time for my creative side. Then, I started having car accidents. I had five accidents. I also had a slip and fall in a grocery store. I had to fall on my ass, and I still didn't get it. ‘Let us take your feet out from under you.' Not a broken bone in any accident.

"Let's talk about my most-recent head-on collision. I was still arguing with G-d on occasion, ‘You sure you want me to do this? I know I signed up for this, but are you sure?' I have always been a healthy skeptic, just like the people who sit down with readers and say, ‘Let's see you talk to my father,' then the father shows up. ‘Oh, okay.' I've had many teachers who have said, ‘You seem to be fighting, kicking, and scratching all the way. Yes, you do have this gift.'"

This issue has been resolved. Nancy is now a full-fledged reader.

A third psychic explained that messages clearly come to her through automatic writing, but she doesn't always want to know the answers. She will refuse to write or to ask important questions when she is pretty sure that she is not going to like the answers.

When we have psychic readings, we hear a lot of information and advice. While we can't change our predestined life events, we can often change other aspects of our lives, or we can find a new way of dealing with situations. One of the benefits of a psychic reading is that it gives us the opportunity to modify our future.

Several psychics explained that they can see clients' potential health problems. They can see the health trajectory if people continue on their current path. They can warn people to eat more healthfully or to see a doctor to head off an issue. The client can choose whether or not to act on this advice. They can argue that they feel fine, or they can change their behavior.

One time, a psychic told me that she saw me in court, as a legal expert explaining what psychics do (and don't do). I was skeptical that could happen. She replied, "People want messages, then don't want to accept them!" It can be frustrating for psychics, for clients, and probably for Spirit Guides too!

By the way, next week, I've been called for Jury Duty. I may get my time in court. Laughing

Have you ever heard a message, bristled, argued, then decided to change your future? If so, let me know about it by sending an e-mail to


12:31 pm mst

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Journey
Quote from a Channeled Message - The Journey*

Our dear ones, you knew from the start that you were traveling through the different spheres in life. We could call it "lives" because you are living in various stages.

We will give you an example. If you were taking a road trip and you looked out the window and you saw green pastures, would it make sense that if you kept traveling, you would want to see the same scenery? Scenery changes. You are on a voyage, on a trip, on an experience and the scenery will appear different. You may sleep through some of it. You may savor other parts. You may not favor one or two areas that you pass. It is all a part of the journey, all a part of the trip, all part of what you signed up for because what you may think serves you not, is the highest and greatest gift for those around you. An empowerment in clarity. Sometimes those flat tires, or the overheated radiators, are just what is necessary for a mechanic to use his skills or for someone helpful to pull over and assist.

If you truly believe that everything is in divine order, all is worthy of celebration. All is worthy of laughter, all is worthy of joy. That it is not appearing in the manner in which YOU had thought you were managing your own movie? Laugh. It is nice to know that there are subplots and twists. What makes a good book? The unexpected twists and turns. You selected lives that had many, many twists and turns. Savor the turns.

It is a swift journey. You can bemoan the scenery outside the window, but it's still you inside taking a look. Or, you can be grateful that you are on this wonderful journey that shows such variety. There has not been one experience in your life that has not empowered you, enlightened you, illumined you, or guided you into a higher level of wisdom, understanding, and compassion. That is exactly what continues to happen.

If you came with the understanding that your purpose in life was to love and be loved, boy, you came to learn it well. Self-love, love of others, love of what you consider to be your frailties, love of what you consider to be a weakness. You came to learn to love alright. To learn to love completely, fully, whole-heartedly, and to laugh and judge not.

We laugh with you. We don't cry with you; we know better than that. We are always with you.

We leave that with you and bless you.

* This message came through a psychic in mid-October.


1:16 pm mst

Thursday, October 29, 2015


Announcement: The next Mystic Messengers Psychic Fair will be this Sunday at the DoubleTree Inn on South Alvernon Road in Tucson, AZ. The Fair will run from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. I plan to be there and I think I'll run a sale on Chakra-Balancing Jewelry. Come join me. :)

Meet a Psychic: Aitreyia

Aitreyia is the well-known local psychic who owns SpiritsChild Metaphysical Gift Shop in Tucson, AZ. Since 2002, SpiritsChild has provided tools, classes, and workshops which build a support system for people who are on their spiritual journey.

Since childhood, Aitreyia has had an affinity for angels. She came from a dysfunctional family, and wasn't certain what her angelic connection meant. Around 1980, she learned to read Tarot cards and this ability opened a new world of experiences.

Aitreyia says that when she started in the psychic world, it was a rough energy. Eventually, she integrated spiritual awareness into her psychic practice and everything changed. She learned to communicate with Spirit Guides, angels, archangels, and Master Teachers. They assist her when reading for clients. How does this work? In order to convey messages, she talks to her Spirit Guides and angels, and to her client's Guides, angels, and spirit. Aitreyia has telepathy with the Guides and angels, and knows the words to share with customers. In addition, she often channels messages directly from the angels and Guides to her clients.

Aitreyia also communicates with deceased loved ones, but often finds that their advice isn't as useful as the advice from Guides and angels.

When she first starting seeing angels, she saw them as tall, short, gold, or blue. Now, she sees their higher form as a ball, or a beam, of light.

Aitreyia has survived two near-death experiences. She is also a "walk-in." When a little girl was strangled at only three years of age, Aitreyia's spirit was able to enter the body and continue that little girl's life. The decision to walk into that body was made with Jesus and an angel by her side.

In the 1990s, Aitreyia ran an angel shop in downtown Tucson. She provided readings for clients. After that shop closed, she traveled. Wherever she went, she provided readings and energy work. Then, in 2002, she opened the new shop.

At night, Aitreyia takes classes with her Guides. This is especially important when she has several healing sessions scheduled the following day. The Guides teach her new techniques to assist clients. While Aitreyia is considered a healer, she doesn't think of herself that way. She provides the energy which allows people to change themselves. Their spirit has to want the change.

In the last few years, her work has evolved to focus more on mental illness. She is here to eradicate mental illness when that is desired by Spirit. Many spiritual teachers are helping her learn the techniques she needs for this work.

Aitreyia feels that her primary role on Earth is to help with the evolution of humanity.

If you are interested in reading more about Aitreyia's life story and her work, our interview is now available as a 99 cent Kindle e-book. You can find it by clicking here.

In addition, I am putting our interview on the "Featured Interview" page of this website. Anyone who is interested can read the entire interview for free until November 12. I hope you enjoy discovering the real life of a psychic.

If you are interested in getting a psychic reading or energy work, you can contact Aitreyia at SpiritsChild Metaphysical Gift Shop, 520-744-4402.


7:04 pm mst

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Developing the Confidence to Read for Others

In honor of Halloween, I was looking for a good ghost story, but most of the psychics didn't share ghost stories. So, I found an angel story instead.

Quote from a Psychic - Developing the Confidence to Read for Others

I asked Kermie Wohlenhaus, "What are the pluses and minuses to being psychic? To working as a psychic?" This was part of her answer:

One challenging part was developing the confidence to give messages. At first, I resisted doing angel readings. Angels were showing up at the grocery store and at the mall. I would have to say to someone, "Excuse me ma'am, there is an angel behind you. Would you like to hear what they have to say?" To step up to the plate and do this was embarrassing. The person would usually look at me, hesitate, and say, "Well, okay." I would tell them what the angel said and they would start crying, then give me a big hug. They would thank me and tell me that they had desperately needed to hear the message. Those experiences gave me confidence that what I was hearing and saying was an important truth, so I told the angels that I would be open to giving readings.

In the beginning, you wrestle with it. You wonder if it is clear enough. As long as I am being exact about what I am hearing, and I am speaking the truth as I hear it, I've done well.

The angels may tell me something to tell their "charge" (they call their human their "charge") and I will ask, "Are you sure you want me to tell them that?" The person doesn't realize that I am having a conversation with the angels as I am talking to them. I may be talking aloud to the person about a particular point the angels are sharing, while having a different conversation with the angels as I try to understand the message clearly.

Sometimes, angels express their ideas very quickly. If the angels say something a bit more difficult, I ask for another, or a more-detailed way, of saying what they mean. We all have filters, and I never want to interpret messages my way. I just keep asking until I receive clarity and details. Clarity and information help my clients.

For example, the angels might show me a watermelon. I'll ask what that means and the angels will say, "There are as many opportunities for this person as there are seeds in a watermelon." I don't interpret. I don't say flippantly, "Oh, you are going on a picnic." That would be me. People don't want to hear from me, they want to hear from their angels. I just keep asking and interviewing the angels for more and more information. They are always kind and give as many details as I want. I love working with them. They are SO creative and I learn so much.

Kermie Wohlenhaus


P.S. The next Psychic Fair will be this Sunday, November 1, 2015 at the DoubleTree Inn in Tucson, AZ. 

10:20 am mst

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Following Psychic Advice in a Life or Death Situation

Following Psychic Advice in a Life or Death Situation

Early in August, a psychic told me that me that three things were going to happen in the next few months. One happened almost immediately (a crisis in another part of my family), one doesn't look like it is going to happen (a wedding), and I am in the midst of the third prediction: the psychic told me to get all the legal documents in order regarding my elderly mother. She told me that by the end of September, my mother would experience a huge mental decline.

I followed the advice, made sure the legal papers were ready, and carried them wherever I went.

What happened? By the third week in September, my mother began calling me at odd hours and telling me she didn't know what day of the week it was. She was confused. When I would call her at two in the afternoon, she would ask why I had called so early? She thought it was two in the morning. She couldn't tell day from night. I went to her apartment and found her confused, uneasy, exhausted, restless, with no appetite. Because she didn't feel well, she had stopped taking her medications.

I asked if she wanted to go to the doctor or to the hospital. She said, "No. I'm sure I'll feel better tomorrow."

The third day that I visited her, she sparked, came out of her confusion, sat up and told me, "This is the end of my life. I know it." Then she proceeded to clear-headedly tell me about her important possessions and where they should go. I was stunned.

I went online and searched for "Signs of Dying." One of the most-prominent indicators was someone saying that they knew it was the end of their life.

I had recently heard a channeled message about treating the dying with dignity and compassion, and allowing them to make choices (posted to this blog September 29). It was a clear directive and I followed it, but I also contacted her doctor.

Turns out, Mom had a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). In elderly patients, UTIs often lead to confusion. For two weeks, I stayed with my mother, helping her feel comfortable, trying to give her her medications, and getting her back on track. Meanwhile, Mom continued to develop signs of the end of life.

Some people say, "If I knew I only had two weeks to live, I would eat chocolate, cake, and candy. I would allow myself all my guilty pleasures." Well, my mother, who always attempted to eat a healthy diet, only wanted chocolate and carrot cake . . . mostly chocolate.

Then, twelve days after announcing that this was the end of her life she told me, "Today's the day. I'm going to see my parents this afternoon." I believed her, but I didn't know what to do. Flustered, I called her doctor and asked, "Do I need to call hospice? What do I do?" He sent a nurse to assess the situation.

What happened? Did she pass away? No. After two weeks of my care, she went to a rehab hospital to get back on her meds and to regain her strength. Then, I moved her to an apartment in an Assisted Living community where she could get the help she needed.

All of these arrangements required the papers which the psychic had told me to have ready.

The Intuitive had predicted a large loss of mental capacity. That happened, but now that Mom is back on her meds, she may recover. She may return to the level of function she had in August. It's possible.

However, it's also possible that her slide will continue. The psychic told me a few more things and I'm waiting to see if her predictions pan out.

Meanwhile, I'm relying on the spiritual advice I have heard through the years:

Death is nothing to fear. It's a natural progression.

Assist people by giving them choices. Empower them.

No outsider knows when the end of life will come. This is an agreement between the individual and G-d. A person's Higher Self may be aware of the timing. The rest of us have to proceed as best we can without knowing what might happen.

It's really hard to know which plans to make when we don't know what the future holds. Thank goodness, a psychic gave me a clue.

Stay tuned. I'll let you know what happens and I'll let you know who better predicts Mom's future: an Intuitive or an MD.

If you have a sense of what might come, please send an e-mail to me at I want to be prepared.


10:24 am mst

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Receiving "The Gift"
Quote from a Psychic

There are many ways to develop intuitive abilities. Today, I want to share Maryushka's story. She had always had some abilities, but her gift was enhanced in a surprising way. I asked Maryushka, "Does this talent run in your family?"

She replied:

"Yes, in every generation someone has it; someone is able to do what I am able to do.

"My father's first cousin was the person in the generation before me. The weekend she died, I had no idea she was in the hospital. I went through a series of psychic experiences. I was in my 20s. I wasn't a reader, just a person experiencing what was happening. I kept getting psychic hits. You've heard of psychic hits? A psychic hit is when you are standing up and you literally have to hang on to the table because it is as if someone took a stick and hit you in the back of your knees. That is why they call it a psychic hit. At least that is how I experienced it."

"I have heard of intuitive hits, but not a physical psychic hit. An intuitive hit is like a confirmation."
"For me, it was physical and I had to hold on to something. Then, ethereal things began happening. I saw specters, figures, and shadows. I was dizzy. The weekend she died, I had at least two of these events where, after I was able to steady myself, I had to run to the couch and lay down. I immediately fell asleep. I had no idea it was connected to her. She was deciding whether to stay or to go. She went. In her passing, she gave the gift to me. Not that I didn't have something, I had something before this, but I had way more after she died."

"I have not heard this from anyone. You feel that someone was able to pass their gift to you?"
"She passed her gift to me."

"At the moment of death, she passed the gift to you."


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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Cards, Crystals and Candles

Cards, Crystals and Candles

Some psychics use Tarot cards, crystal balls, astrology charts, numerology, candles, crystals, muscle-testing, or other tools when they work with clients. Other readers don't use any tools and can just look at someone, hold hands or look at their palms, and read their energy. Readers who use tools say that the tools either help them access the client's energy and bring in fresh ideas and information, or that they don't really need the tools, but they like having them around. Crystals and candles enhance the setting. Tarot cards provide pretty pictures for everyone to examine. In addition, cards provide a bit of a barrier between the readers and the clients so that the readers can maintain their personal space. The cards also provide a nice distraction from the intensity of the reading.

Tools, such as Tarot cards, often help the client feel more comfortable. Some clients don't like to think that a psychic is reading their mind. When Tarot cards are used, it seems as if the information comes from the cards and is just being interpreted by the psychic; not like the psychic is directly accessing the client's energy or information.

One reader explained that he can do readings just using Tarot cards. Or, he can do readings just using psychic ability. However, when he uses both the cards and his abilities, the readings are better. His Guides are able to influence the cards so that they reinforce the messages he receives.

Here are a few thoughts from Intuitives who use tools, who were interviewed after I had written the book about psychics:

Cyndi Clarke does "table tipping." In her work, she uses the table as well as pendulums. They use the same type of energy. According to Cyndi, the psycho-kinetic energy which runs through the body is what gets the table moving. This energy runs through the crown chakra, out the feet, and out of the palm chakras. This energy moves the table back and forth. She can ask "yes" and "no" questions and the tipping table answers those questions.

Jesse Ann Nichols George explained that the tools she uses depend on how the person comes to her. If they call on the phone, it's different than doing energy work on them. In person, she can read their chakras and know how to guide them past blocks.

Sometimes, she uses tools such as crystals to bring clarity or focus to something she is picking up. She uses crystals, gemstones, and/or Tarot cards. She does scrying with stones or water. Sometimes she uses charms or pendulums, depending on what the person needs.

Maryushka is a Tarot card reader. She said, "When I read cards, there is a comfort level with the client. We both see the cards. It's a story in pictures. They have as much experience as I do in getting the feeling of what I say. They see what the cards say. It's the client, me, and the Universe; it's a triad. I like to be called a card reader because that is what I do."

She added that the information comes to her through the cards. She sees the pictures, they tell a story, and the words come out of her mouth. Information comes from the Universal Source.

Gary Wimmer uses stones to read for clients. This work is called Lithomancy. Gary said, "I drop the stones into a piece of leather about three feet long and tied in a circle. It's about 14 inches in diameter. I see it as a clock. I start from the center and read towards the top, then read around like a clock, for 12 weeks."

"When I drop them into the circle, I look at how they point and how they touch. They are nickel to quarter size and are all different colors. They have different edges and different characteristics. They are not high-quality gems; they are stones. A couple of agates, maybe a jasper. I know less about the mineralogy than most of the people at the psychic fairs; but, I know how to read the patterns."

"I look at it like a clock. First, I look at the stones in the center. I look two, three, or four inches from the center of the circle. For example, this morning I did a reading for a guy and there were no stones in the center of the circle. Mercury was the first stone I encountered. It was between the middle and the 12 on the clock. No stones in the center and Mercury at the top. The first thing I felt was that the guy was not sure what he was centered on. He was wondering what to do next. Mercury was telling me, by the way it was pointing, that he was trying to make decisions to move himself forward so he knew what his new center would be. That was the first thing I told him and he nearly fell out of his chair. It was simple to me and he thought it was exactly right. To him, it was astounding. To me, I was reading something I'm used to reading.

"I start in the center and I read toward the top. Sometimes I look at stones right before the top, like at 10 and 11. They could represent something from the past coming into the present. I look from 12 to 1, 1 to 2, etc., as weeks. There may be several stones in one week and no stones in another week. I interpolate. I look at how they point, how they touch, and how they affect the circle. Do they land on each other? Do they block each other? Do they point in the same direction in support, or is one stone trying to make its way through a bunch of other stones? I literally look at the geometry of it, the way they point and touch, and which week they are in. That gives a general reading.

After I give them a breakdown of what I see for the next 12 weeks, I let them ask questions."

I find it fascinating to get an insight into the world of psychic connection. I hope you do too.


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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Life Purpose

Life Purpose

In her book, The Lightworker's Way (Hay House, Carlsbad, CA, 1997, p. 72), Doreen Virtue, Ph.D., provided a lovely passage about contracts and life purpose which had come to her in a meditation. She wrote:

"Before your birth, you and a spiritual council of guides created a life plan tailored to meet your material, spiritual, and karmic needs. This Divine plan has three elements: a purpose, personal growth lessons, and relationships with other people to support the overall plan.

"Your purpose is a task you are to do through your career, volunteer work, or a special project that uses your natural talents and interests to benefit humanity. Your plan's second element entails well-timed life events that teach you about love and help you to shed self-defeating personality traits. The third element involves pre-birth arrangements you made with certain people who will serve as catalysts for your purpose and personal growth. These people may function as your family members, co-workers, friends, or acquaintances. Your interactions with these people simultaneously help them to fulfill their own plan.

"You predestined your plan as a rough outline of what your life would look like, including your purpose, significant life lessons, and relationships with particular people. Because the plan is only a rough outline, you must choose the finer details of your plan as you go through life. You are free to ignore the plan completely, but the emotional and societal consequences of this choice can be devastating."

She continued:

"In our previous incarnations, many of us didn't fulfill our purposes. During our post-death life reviews, we felt ashamed that fears and material desires thwarted our plan. This lifetime, we swear to ourselves before birth, we won't forget our purpose. The trouble is, we design the Divine plan in a ‘true self' state of peaceful mindfulness. When we experience ego-based fear during our human lifetime, we can't remember why we came here. If we do remember, fears keep us from ever starting our plan."

According to Dr. Virtue, people who procrastinate or forget their plans, feel a deep, low-level anxiety. They unconsciously know that another painful life review awaits them if they let themselves down again. They feel depressed, as if they're forgetting to do something important. They are forgetting to fulfill their contract.

So, how is your life purpose coming along? Do you know what it is? I think that my purpose is to discover all of this information and share it in a way which benefits all of us.


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Saturday, October 10, 2015

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