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Thursday, December 1, 2016

Where do Souls come from?

Announcement: I will be set up at this Sunday's Mystic Messengers Psychic Fair at the DoubleTree Inn across from Reid Park in Tucson, AZ. The Fair runs from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. Chakra-balancing pendants make beautiful, thoughtful gifts, so they will be on sale. You can learn more about the pendants on the Jewelry page of this website.

Where do Souls come from?

Have you ever wondered where you came from? Where you were before birth? And before that? Where do individual souls come from?

Recently, two people shared their understanding of the origin of souls. When I hear the same kind of thing twice, I think I need to share it with you. Today these two people, who don't know each other, discuss our origin. Both accounts have been edited for clarity.

A Channeled Message

The creation of the soul. Earlier tonight, you mentioned meteor showers. Imagine this as your beginning. Your creation. Your stepping into individuality. Each of you, at one time, was part of Divine Source. And each of you, indeed, still is Divine Source. But the creation of your individuality occurred like this, and we say "like this" because, like so many mysteries of the universe, once you put words on them, you limit them. However, the visualization may help you understand the process.

You know that the sun gives off light. Now imagine not just the sun from your solar system, but the Central Sun which is a representation of Source. Clearly, Source cannot be confined in any one place, even in something as substantial as the Central Sun, but for the moment, let the Central Sun represent the Divine from which you were birthed.

As rays of light emanate from the sun, visualize a beam of light thrown out from that sun. That beam of light is the individual God-light within you. It came from the Central Sun, was one (and still is one) with the Central Sun, but when that beam of light came forth from the Sun, at that moment, it was conscious of its separation.

Each of you will live lifetimes then, eventually, go through the illusion of the separation and once again become part of the Central Sun, which we are using as a metaphor for Source.

Your conscious return to the Oneness of Source is inevitable. You don't need to rush it. You don't need to feel like enlightenment has to be obtained in this lifetime or within some finite measurement of time. Know that it has already happened.

We leave this with you in hopes that it will clarify your understanding.

An Intuitive Recollection - John Hunter

I was taken to the moment of my conscious birth. I was set forth, set out, freed from The Creative Energy of all Things. I was expressed like a photon from the sun. Just an energy, the smallest increment of energy that we can measure, like a photon. I was expressed from the sun. That's how we are created. My journey from the sun was to this earth.

I understood how I traveled, and how I came into contact with other energies and matter, up until this present time on earth. I was a developed consciousness coming into physical matter. I understood every step that it took to be in physical matter. To exist in this present moment, I had to accept and acknowledge all the death, all the abuse, all the imperfections, so that I could focus on the perfections of life.

We have to handle the fact that there is bad and good, cause and effect. For me to love, I have to understand hate.

It's hard when you are unlimited to come into these limited scenarios and still operate with love, and still have some conscious knowledge of self. You have to decide not to carry it all with you. You don't need to know everything about your whole existence to exist right now. You choose not to know everything. That's okay. You forgive yourself for that. You are responsible for saying, "I forgive myself for not remembering everything. I only need this right now."

When you leave your body, all that other stuff will be present. It is the fear of that, that keeps people trapped. The fear of their full conscious self, of knowing their whole journey. People are afraid of that. That is the part of death that is so mysterious. What happens? "When I leave this body, do I become nothing or do I become everything?" You become everything. You have the possibility of becoming everything.

What do you think? Does any of this ring true for you? Do you remember your origin too? Send an e-mail to to let me know what you think.


12:43 pm mst

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Your love is enough

Quote from a Channeled Message

Your love is enough. You do not need to part the Red Sea. You just need to understand the gifts that you bring, individually, to this world.

From there, look at your creative, soul, heartfelt desires. If you desire to love and be loved, be so and do so. If you desire to be at peace, be so and do so. If you desire to be creative, be so and do so. You might say, "That's it?" That's it. How you manifest it and bring it to fruition is divine perfection for you. It does not matter how others bring it or do it.

Know that this world is here for all. Some don't have the strength or the wherewithal to ask for gifts greater than they know, so they keep recreating a certain level of evolution for them and theirs. That is what they need to do here and now.

There are others who have broken through the chains of life, of generations, of understandings which were limited, and moved to a higher, shall we say, "unstudied" depth, which is now their "normal." They are studying and reaching even higher.

That is why the sands keep shifting. No one is standing still. You are evolving, or devolving, to the degree that you feel comfortable.

11:07 am mst

Thursday, November 24, 2016

When we Wish, we Win

Happy Thanksgiving! It's a wonderful day to celebrate all the things we love in our lives. As we know, our gratitude is a signal to the Universe that we want more of whatever we are grateful for. Gratitude is generally a feeling in the present moment. However, we can also show gratitude for the things we are certain are coming our way in the future.

Tomorrow, we begin the season of lights and magic; gifts and charity.


I am at a strange inflection point in my life. I have loved many activities, but for one reason or another, these activities have dropped out of my life. I used to eagerly anticipate setting up at crafts fairs and art sales, but find I am no longer involved with them. I used to be thrilled to go to the Gem Show, but now it's not as exciting. The first time I went to a Writer's Conference, I was exhilarated. The second time? Eh. I can let go of these things, but I need new things to fill my cup.

In the last few months, I've tried a few new places, activities, and restaurants, but nothing has clicked. It's odd to find things dropping out of my life with nothing exciting replacing them.

Then, in my meditations, I sometimes had the phrase, "When we wish, we win." Okay. Tell me more. Nothing.

So a few weeks ago, I was in a session with a psychic and I asked, "What does the phrase, ‘When we wish, we win' mean"? This was the answer:

"Wishing is a heartfelt desire. Winning is achieving what you desire. You would not have the heartfelt desire for something, if it was not meant to manifest. Many people don't desire things because they say, ‘It won't be,' or, ‘I would have to do this.' It doesn't cost anything to wish, or to focus on the energy of your wishes. Focusing on that energy of joy, like you already have what you have wished for, like you are savoring it, changes your metabolism and you win on health and vibration. You get closer to manifesting what you desire.

"For example, if you are a gardener and you say, ‘I'm going to the garden store,' you may not know what you are going to buy, but you have this heart's desire to garden. You are going to find something that you've wanted. You bring something home, you plant it. It is a manifestation.

"Life is the same way. If you don't go out and see what is there, you don't get to manifest what you desire. Lots of people refuse to go out because they might desire something and fear they can't manifest it. Oh my goodness, it works the other way around! Dream, wish, inspire, act ‘as if.' Go, savor. All those feelings and emotions come together to bring into fruition what was meant to be in your life which is why you had that desire.

"Then you say, ‘People can be a bottomless pit, they can desire many things . . . ' If that one flower brought you joy, it served its purpose.

"If getting out got you out of a rut, if the thought of getting out gave you creativity, the trip has already made you a winner, whether or not you buy a plant. That is how you step through life. Make your wishes, go out, see, explore.

"You love seeing new homes. You love how they are decorated. You love how people use their creativity. Does that mean you are buying a new home? No. But it could spark your creativity in the home that you have, and bring it to where you have grown. You see, you continue to evolve and develop your curiosity, your gifts, your taste, and when you see something you say, ‘Oh, that's lovely.' Your curiosities and tastes are combined, and are manifested in that form. You might find a pattern or a fabric, or a certain shape, or a certain structure that really strikes a chord that you can make your own in your space. It brings that spark of creativity, of joy, of honing in desire.

"It's not that you go so you can covet. You go so you can be inspired. That is winning, that is enriching yourself.

"It also allows synchronicity to come into your life, ‘That's exactly the pattern that I thought was so cute,' ‘That is exactly what I could use to cover up my cushions.' ‘That's so easy to do, I hadn't thought about it that way.' It's an accumulation of your desires, likes, and tastes, that come together and manifest. You're like, ‘That's it!'

"It happens in your life at the same time. ‘Wow. I met the nicest people.' ‘I heard an interesting idea.' It is you living life being open to receiving gifts greater than you know to ask, and them being put together in your life so they build a life pattern, a life form, while still respecting, understanding, and valuing the one you came from.

"You are limitless in thought, expression, and creativity. When you see it manifest, you know it. You recognize it, like someone who says, ‘I don't know what I want, but I'll know it when I see it.' That is so true. You will know on the feeling of it. You can be practical and you can be feeling, but don't let either one limit the other."

Wishing pulls us towards our future. At this bright, magical time of year, what are you wishing?

Warmest Wishes for a joyous holiday season.


P.S. My favorite activity is working on My Psychic Search Project. Thank goodness I still have this Project, and all of you, in my life.

P.P.S. If you wish to know more about the world of psychic ability, and how it works, please consider purchasing, or giving a copy of, "My Psychic Search" book.

11:20 am mst

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Handwriting Analysis
Quote from a Certified Graphologist - Joan Belzer

I asked Joan how she came to use handwriting analysis as her tool. She answered:

"Handwriting is brain writing.

"I heard a man give a lecture saying you could lose weight by doing handwriting exercises. I had to find this man. He was in Tucson. I had a session with him. His feeling was people overeat because something is eating them. In one session, he showed me my problems in my handwriting. Not only did he show me my problems, but he also told me by writing in the correct way, I could reprogram my subconscious in a positive way and I could get rid of the problems and, therefore, get rid of the need to overeat.

"He did more for me in that one session than five years with a psychiatrist. I thought I could help others in the same way. That's why I chose to study handwriting."

Thanks, Joan.

Most months, you can find Joan at the Mystic Messengers Psychic Fair.

10:18 am mst

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Jesse Ann Nichols George

Meet a Psychic - Jesse Ann Nichols George

It's been several months since I've posted an interview with a psychic, so today's the day. Let's meet Jesse Ann Nichols George. I interviewed Jesse in November 2012. At that time, she called herself an Integrated Development Specialist and she was traveling around the country on her Compassion Tour.

Jesse Ann Nichols George is a 13th generation psychic. She presents workshops and events to help people learn to connect with their own sources of guidance. When Jesse reads for a client, she may hear 50 voices providing suggestions. She has to sift through all of this advice to provide exactly what the client needs to hear. After several near-death experiences, Jesse has begun her angel training while here on Earth.

Jesse's interview was the 24th entry in the Psychics Speak Series. You can read it for free for two weeks on the Featured Interview page, or you can download our interview as a Kindle e-book by clicking here.

In the four years since our interview, Jesse she has changed her name, changed her title to "Coding Interpreter," and developed a new website. You can learn more about her work at

This excerpt from her website, highlights her current work:

Working With The Codes

Coding Alignment is a process of unfolding and connecting with deeper layers and understanding of all that you are. It assists in gaining a greater insight into how we function in this world; and how we interact with everything in it. Some like to see this as a personal blueprint, and others like a portal that connects you with the Divine; putting you in flow and removing the resistances that create struggles and challenges in life.

How many times have you wanted to have some sort of guidebook to help you make decisions, know which way to go, or understand if a situation or person will work for you in your life. Coding Alignment allows us to see the truth in anything and everything and thus have foresight so that we can make wiser decisions along the way. It removes the box of programming and allows us to function and exist as our own true authentic self. Creating a connection with Divine flow allows us to fully experience life, and to do and create the experiences that we love and that will work for us. It opens the door to being the spark of spirit that we are here to be. Learn more about Code Discovery in my video at:

You can read my full interview with Jesse by on the Featured Interview page of this website.


10:30 am mst

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Jayne Kerr's Spirit Art
Quote from a Psychic - Jayne Kerr's Spirit Art

I asked Jayne Kerr how she came to use art as her intuitive tool. She answered:

"I do Spirit art. I am a professional, international artist. I tune into my Spirit Guides and they show me your Guides. Your main Guide will come forward. I will see them, then paint them for you. The entire time, you can communicate with them and ask questions.

"I didn't really choose art. For a long time, my Spirit Guides strongly encouraged me to do this. I finally said, ‘Yes'."

I commented, "They came to you, instead of you going to them."

Jane confirmed, "Yes."


For anyone keeping track, Jayne is the third person who I have spoken with who produces intuitive artwork. Melody Krafft and Susy Plummer also do this kind of work. You can find out more about their work on the Psychics Speak page.

12:38 pm mst

Thursday, November 10, 2016

What do we do now?

What do we do now?

I didn't want to blog today. I wanted a day off. What could I possibly say after this week's election? Is there anything I've heard which can help? I am demoralized because it looks like everything I've been writing about, "Love each other," "Respect everyone," "We are all in this together," has been upended. This blog is my attempt to make sense of things for myself, as well as for you. It's a work in progress.

We are moving into the great unknown. No one is certain what will happen, not even the psychics. However, I am going to share several things I have heard over the past few months. Perhaps some of them will help buoy our spirits.

In July, one psychic emphasized, "The end of the year will not look like the beginning of the year."

She added, "People like Trump are the last of the darkness. He's trying his best to spread darkness. It's up to us to promote love and peace, no more violence. No more killing. That's the message we need to send and receive. That will squelch Trump. He has the right name. He's trumping everyone's happiness."

"We are going to have to transcend human nature. It's only human nature because it's been programmed into us. We are overcoming our programming. We are overriding the program. This violence is necessary so people can choose, ‘Do you want to live like that or do you want to live like this?' It is in your face right now. People have to see it."

I responded, "So many people are choosing racism. It shocks me. It's just below the surface and it's coming up. I thought we had moved beyond that."

She said, "As individuals, we are moving beyond that. As a nation, we haven't. If you were to take a map and tell the enlightened people to shine, there would be a lot of light in this country. There would be some dark spots, but I think the light would outshine the dark."

I've clung to those words, "The light will outshine the dark."

As we move into this era of the unknown, I need reassurance that everything will be okay. What I hear from psychics is:

"Everything is in Divine Order."

"Don't give in to fear. Don't align with the vibration of fear, it will become who you are."

"This is a time of great change. Institutions have to crumble so that new ones can be created."

"All the negativity has to come to the surface in order to be purged. Then we can move into a more-harmonious world."

"It won't affect you personally. What the federal government does, touches your personal life less than you think. Protect your personal life."

I also hear that the earth is moving into a different part of the galaxy, into different waves of energy, into a higher vibration. We are moving into the 5th dimension.

The psychics tell me to go back to basics. To work with the underlying principles.

"What you focus on, expands."

"Make choices out of love, not fear."

"What you wish for others is what you become, so be careful with your thoughts."

"Stand in the truth of who you are. If you believe in something, fight for it. Don't just complain. Do something."

I heard this Tuesday night:

"With all of the changes that are coming, it is important to remember not to get emotionally involved or you will be sucked into it. Know that everything is in divine order and that everything always works out, regardless of the BS of the broadcasts over the airwaves. Your life is in harmony and it needs to be your truth. Your experience is your truth. Just forget everybody else. They are going to try to suck you into the last throes of the past. The energies of the third dimension cannot survive in the 5th and 6th dimensions that we are going into. Those thoughts won't survive, so the energies have to dissipate. Just sit back and hold your truth."

Others added, "Those energies may go down fighting, but they are going to go down. Don't get sucked into them."

Then I heard: "It's like this presidential election. For me, it doesn't matter who gets in because I know it's not going to affect my family. Everything will continue to run smoothly for us because that is how we see it, that is how we are going to manifest it. The whole system is meant to keep everyone unstable. That is why there is all the bickering."

"You are in control of your destiny, of your perception, of your life."

"Be aware of your emotions. Once there is fear, you've given in."


Since Tuesday, an ominous wind has been blowing through Tucson, AZ.

I am not ready to deal with the potential presidency, but I can wish for peace, freedom, and prosperity in my country.

Let's focus on the love in our lives. On the good, on the joy. We can continue to protect our bubble, then expand our bubble of light and love until everyone is encompassed.


P.S. If you want to hear more from the psychics and healers, the Mystic Messengers Psychic Fair will be this Sunday, November 13, at the DoubleTree Inn on South Alvernon Road in Tucson, AZ.

1:39 pm mst

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Elvia Maritinez' Use of Essential Oils with Reiki

Quote from a Psychic - Elvia Martinez, Reiki Master

I asked Elvia Martinez why she uses essential oils as part of her Reiki practice. She answered:

"I use essential oils in my practice because I know, from trial and error, that they raise the vibration when I am cleaning and balancing chakras. It is like an extra boost of what I am doing.

"When I use essential oils to clean a chakra, it is like using an abrasive. When I put the energy back, I increase the vibration. With the essential oils, the chakra will remember the vibration faster.

"I have to be very careful because not all people like the smells. In the chakra, I often use geranium, but I also use patchouli which some people don't like. I use malalucha which doesn't smell very floral, but I know for a fact that the essential oils clean and balance the chakras. They work."

I asked, "Does each chakra need a different kind of oil?"

Elvia responded, "Yes. It depends if the chakra is unbalanced or closed. Some chakras are super open and I need to tone them down. My essential oils are marked for each chakra. If someone is very tired and a chakra is underactivated, I use essential oils to put that chakra back in balance."

Thanks Elvia!

You can learn more about Elvia on her website,


P.S. Vote today!!!

11:52 am mst

Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Lives of the Dead

The Lives of the Dead

Two things:

1) I am feeling the stress of the outer world impinging upon my personal world. What helps me feel better? Gratitude. Remembering that my life is fine. It's just that if I look at politics, or the unfairness and greed of some businesses, or the cost of health insurance, I allow my life to be banged about. Instead, I will focus on gratitude for this lovely life where I can sit here in the mornings and write. Where my family is well. Where the sun is shining and the cooler weather has returned to Tucson. It's a beautiful morning and I am happy to connect with you.

2) I read a blog called "The Lives of the Dead." Every few days, the author posts conversations with people who have lived on earth, then passed to the other side. Most of her posts present compelling life stories with life lessons. I encourage you to read this blog at, or follow "The Lives of the Dead" on facebook.

Today, I am posting one of "The Lives of Dead" blogs where an energy on the other side answers questions about life and death. You can read the full post at I am not even certain of the name of the woman who hears from these entities and writes the entries, but I will tell you that I admire her work. If you are interested in these kinds of reflections on life, please subscribe to her blog or follow "The Lives of the Dead," on facebook.

Q and A with Davoo

Originally posted May 12, 2014

Davoo (this is just a name I created for this entity, not a game given to me.) S/he is clearly different from the others thus far in that s/he is answering my mental questions.

What are my regrets, you want to know? So many, I don't know where to begin. On the other hand, I know that no one can do it all in one body. We break off bits of human experience and take them one life at a time. I did what I could do, to the best of my ability. And if my ability was limited, that was as it should have been - for the lessons, of course.

I had more regrets at the end of my life than I do now, because now I can see the bigger picture. Then, dying for two years, I had plenty of time to think about all the things I did wrong and all the things I should have done that I didn't. I regretted not appreciating my parents more when they were alive. I regretted not savouring the childhoods of my kids to a greater degree. They grew up so fast! And because we weren't close, they moved far away and I didn't get to see my grandkids more than a couple of times a year. I regretted not expressing to those I loved how I felt about them.

You want to know if I was a man or a woman. Does it matter? Here, there is no gender. I barely can remember through whose eyes I saw the world in which lifetime. I am still trying to figure out how I need to come back the next time.

You want to know how many lives. Honestly, I don't remember. At least ten. It's hard to remember further back than that. As I said, they all kind of blend together. I've often been with the same souls, so I get confused sometimes if, in any particular life, I was the husband or wife, the mother or the child. It's as if we're a troupe of actors who often work together, always performing different plays.

How long between? Depends. Sometimes we have to figure things out first; contemplate and answer our own questions. Sometimes we have to wait for others to die, so we can be together again. But here, there is no time, so what does it matter? A month of earth time or a hundred years. It's all the same.

Do I feel emotional pain? When I first came back I did. I was still somewhat attached to the regrets of my last body. I had to work though my guilt. But sooner or later, I got the necessary perspective. Now when I feel anything, it's compassion.

How? Compassion in that I understand that everyone is on their own journey. We are all doing what we need to do, and our worldly goals often conflict with others'. Up close, we butt up against each other. We are constricted by our lack of understanding; by our base human emotions and instincts. It is difficult to find compassion among the living. But here, we are so removed from the pain of everyday life, we are able to see things objectively. We can watch dispassionately yet with more understanding. We can see the how the small players influence the main stage. Mostly I guess, it's because nobody's doing anything to us anymore so it's easy to be generous with our love.

How does that love manifest? As I said, mostly as compassion. Sometimes, we try to whisper and nudge humans in the right direction. To them, it sounds like an inner voice. Unfortunately, most of them don't listen. I guess we show our love in that we keep trying to make them hear us, even when they ignore us.

Do some listen better than others? Oh, some are marvelous listeners! Everybody recognizes them, too. They always seem peaceful and sure of themselves. And never afraid. Humans admire those qualities in others, but most of them don't understand how those qualities develop. They don't recognize that they could be the same if they only listened to those internal voices that either urged them forward or warned them away.


I hope to hear more from this entity. My impression was, it had a lot more to tell me, and that it would, at some other time. I look forward to our next "chat."


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Let me know what you think.


11:23 am mst

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Why Patricia Kirkman selected Numerology as her Tool
Quote from a Psychic - Patricia Kirkman

I asked Patricia Kirkman why she selected numerology as her tool. She answered:

"I started out as an astrologer and I still use astrology for some aspects of things. When I was introduced to numerology, it was just like a hand in a glove. It fit just right.

"When I was growing up, I didn't know that the things I knew meant I was intuitive. I thought everybody knew what I knew. That was a surprise! Not everyone knew what I knew.

"When I was overseas, I realized there was a lot more going on with what I do. It's about who we meet and how we put things together.

"As for numerology, the numbers came so easy. I see them. I feel them. It's almost like I can taste them. You look at something and wonder, 'Where did that come from?'"

You can find out more about Patricia on her website:


11:03 am mst

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Six Short Takes

Six Short Takes

The last few blogs have been quite long, so today we are going to do "Short Takes," things to ponder.

Something to schedule:

1) The next Mystic Messengers Psychic Fair will be Sunday, November 13. In November, the date moves to the second Sunday. You can put the date on your calendar now.

Ideas to contemplate:

2) Halloween is next Monday. The veil is thinnest at this time of year. Do you have a ghost story to share? I love hearing them. You can e-mail your story to me at

3) "Life" vs. "Experience." During a few recent channelings, Spirit has referred to this lifetime as "your experience." They didn't call it "life" because "life" encompasses both sides of the veil. Life is everlasting. Life on Earth is just one experience in a physical dimension. They don't refer to this as "life," they refer to it as "your experience."

4) At the September Psychic Fair, two readers told me that they hear differently from other people.

Karreen said, "When I was born, I knew I heard differently. When people talked or when there was music, I heard their spirit. I could hear what they said, but their spirit talked different to me. People would say, ‘Oh wasn't that neat? Did you hear what she said?' and I was like ‘That's not what they said.' I heard their spirit talking. I felt their vibrations. I wondered if something was wrong with me."

It wasn't until college that Karreen figured out what was happening and that she really did hear things differently from other people. To this day, her challenge is not to read people's energy, because how they act and who they are, can be very different things.

Petra Gross, who works with essential oils, mentioned that when she talks to clients, some words sound louder to her, or there is the ring of a bell, and she knows to pay attention to those words. They are clues to the person's issues. She hears some words with a special emphasis.

Do you hear things differently than other people hear them? Is that your gift/challenge?

5) Everyday spirituality. Spirituality is not just about intellectually understanding the cycle of life, death, and reincarnation. It's about how we apply that understanding in our everyday life. How we can use metaphysical principles to suspend judgment and to extend compassion to someone in crisis. How we can remain steadfast and strong as we assist someone with their transition, sharing our belief that there is an afterlife of joy; converting their fear into a curiosity about possibilities.

Living a spiritual life is evidenced by our willingness to release old spites (anger) when situations change, people change, and we have the opportunity to move from anger to tenderness. It is our willingness to be vulnerable, instead of defensive, as situations evolve.

6) My husband had a good friend die in a car accident in CA on Sunday. This, of course, was a shock. The only thing which makes it a bit better is knowing that this guy's soul is fine. He was a spiritual/psychic/energy worker and I'm sure he understands what happened and where he is. We are wishing him good luck for an easy transition.

That's what's going on in my week. Anything interesting in your life? Let me know by sending an e-mail to


12:03 pm mst

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

John Hunter's Near-Death Experience

John Hunter's Near-Death Experience

For the last few weeks, I've been posting stories from psychics about their near-death experiences and the messages they brought back from the other side.

In 2015, I posted John Hunter's near-death experience. It was so detailed, I posted it in two pieces: March 26, 2015 and April 2, 2015.

What messages did John bring back? He says that we are all here because of the Love Vibration. One aspect of the Love Vibration is that it allows us to enter a physical body. In addition, whenever we have a struggle, we can apply the Love Vibration: acceptance (accepting the issue for what it is; not judging it), acknowledgment, forgiveness, and letting go. By enacting these vibrations of love in our personal space, we dissipate negative energy. There is no power to the negative energy. All that is left is the positive.

According to John, love is the answer to everything. Love feeds and transforms negative energy into positive energy.

This is how John's NDE story begins:

I am in college, sitting in astronomy class, and I begin to feel numbness on my left side. I think, "Oh, I worked out this morning before class. I didn't stretch well. I am a little sore." I am 21 years old, working out all the time, and thinking I'm invincible.

I am sitting there stretching and, all of the sudden, my whole body is freezing cold. Overwhelmingly cold. My teeth are chattering. I have goosebumps. I nudge the person next to me in class and ask, "Is it cold in here?" No, they don't think it is cold. An instant later, I am hot; sweating hot. My skin is red. I am so hot, I am uncomfortable; unbelievably hot. So I nudge the person on the other side and ask, "Is it hot in here?" No, they think it is perfectly fine. Okay. For the next 30 minutes of class, I have drastic hot and cold flashes. I think that maybe I am dehydrated, I hadn't stretched after my workout, I need water.

After class, I take my friend home and go to a Wendy's by the college. I order a salad and water. I have no appetite; which is rare. I drink the water, but it doesn't help. I get another hot flash and I go to the bathroom to splash cool water on my face, calm down, and call my friend. It is October 1995; there are no cell phones.

In the bathroom, I splash water on my face, but I can't physically leave the sink. I am holding on to the sink. My mind is saying, "Let's go," but my body is not reacting. Whoa.

I have a feeling in my stomach that something is wrong. I lean against the sink, then lean against the wall. I think, "I needed to gather myself, walk out, and make the phone call." My body does not respond. I slide down the wall so I am sitting there, leaning against the wall. I am like, "Wow, something is wrong. I might not make it out of this." I get that feeling. I say my good-byes. I think, "Even though I'm only 21, I've had an exciting life. I have traveled, I've done things. The only thing I regret is not having a wife and kids. That's it."

Read more by clicking here. Then read the second part of John's story by clicking here.

11:30 am mst

Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Journey to Joy

The Journey to Joy

Like everyone else, there are issues in my life I would like to resolve. At September's Psychic Fair, I worked with Karreen Martin who provides "Spiritual Response Therapy." Karreen asked questions about my situation, then worked to clear lifetimes of connection between me and the person with whom I had experienced a difficult relationship. One thing she told me was that this person and I had already had 80 lifetimes together. The other thing she mentioned was that this was a "feedback lifetime." I was here to experience things I had done to this other person in previous lifetimes. Really? I had been the bad guy? I had to take responsibility for this conflict? Okay. Something to ponder.

To do her work, Karreen used a pendulum and a notebook full of ideas. She asked me questions, then checked with the information on her graphs to clear different kinds of issues. She continually asked how far along we were, and intuited percentages, for example, "We've cleared 40%." At the end, we exceeded 100%. Whew.

Karreen's work with me took about an hour. It was deep and wonderful. In addition to the information I provided, she provided many intuitive observations.

When our work was done, Karreen said that I would feel a shift.

What happened?

I felt like a burden had been lifted from me. A weight had been taken off of my chest. But then, there was a void I needed to fill. I felt vulnerable. I didn't want anything negative to fill this vacuum. Several medical issues had arisen in my family. There was a lot of stress. I asked Laurie Hays, "What do I do?" Laurie reminded me that in situations like this, it's best to fill oneself with healing, white light. Ah, the white light of love. Of course.

I drew in the light and I felt protected.

But I still didn't feel quite right. I remembered another healing technique: Gratitude. I began to list all the things in my life for which I was grateful. It was a long, lovely list. Gratitude for this life-affirming experience on Earth.

Gratitude is the bridge to Joy. It worked so quickly. I felt happy. Content. Like I had my life back.

At the October Psychic Fair, I "topped off my tank" with Elvia's Reiki work. I laid on her massage table while she cleaned and balanced my chakras. When I returned to my work area, I was happy.

Recently, I have listened to several channelers bring through messages about the importance of joy in our lives. Joy is a goal. It's a birthright. It's an aim to pursue.

Spirit says we are here to love and be loved, to have joy, and to try our hand at manifesting everything we want in our lives. Want to read more?

This message was channeled in September:

Focus everything you do on one ultimate goal: Joy. We often talk about creation, manifesting, and all these other gifts that you have. We talk about the journey, but the net end result of everything you do in this life, the reward and the goal that you should have, is joy. You are here to experience the thrill and the excitement that physical life has to offer. The most important thing in life is the joy that you receive within your heart in creating what you wish to manifest, and the joy of the journey to the destination.

Many times, we hear "this isn't satisfying," or "that isn't satisfying," or that you are upset about what is going on. None of that matters. You must understand the choices you make. Before you make them ask, "What would give me joy?"

Joy is what needs to be in your heart. Joy is the protective wrapping around your physical and emotional bodies. If you put joy first and foremost in your heart and in your desire, you will be amazed at how things work out. Things fall into place. How can Source not respond to you when you are joyful? Source must respond to you. When you are joyous and living a carefree life, what better happiness can there be?

That is why you are here. Why your Higher Self was so ecstatic about incarnating. It's not about lessons. It's not about balancing energies, although that is a part of it. It is the intense joy that you feel. Your Higher Self feels it. The more you connect with your Higher Self, the more joy you will feel. You will bring it out and will spread it upon this planet.

Have you noticed that when you smile at someone the tension eases? Joy is contagious. Spread the contagion. The joy, followed by the love. It brings peace. It brings everything you desire: happiness, love, companionship, and fulfillment. You will be surprised at how fulfilled your lives can be, and feel, just because you have chosen, literally chosen, to have joy in your life.

We love you. We bless you. Amen

Let me know what you think.


11:19 am mst

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Carolyn's Near-NDE

Carolyn's Near-NDE

I asked Carolyn Munson if she had ever had a near-death experience. She answered:

"I was 33 or 34 and riding on the back of my ex-husband's motorcycle. We were on Highway 1, next to the ocean, on a downslope. The car in front of us stopped at a yellow light and we slid into the back of that car.

"I flew up into the air and it felt like someone was holding me up. I had time to review all the stunt movies I had seen. It was like time stood still so I could evaluate stunt movies and see how to fall. I was being lifted.

"I felt my heels hit the seat of the motorcycle. I saw my ex hit the car in front of him. I saw guys come out of the car and help him to the sidewalk. I looked at the road to see where I could land. They continued to hold me up.

"There was a car with people looking up at me. A guy was on the phone. I guess he was calling 911.

"I could feel the stillness. I took my time finding where to fall. I reviewed the stunt movies to see how to fall.

"When I was put down, I fell forward and backward, like I remembered seeing in the movies. I landed on my side and then rocked back. I was face up after falling from so high.

"All I had was a tear in my jacket.

"When I landed on the road, a lady came over and picked me up. I started laughing hysterically. She took me to the side of the road and said, ‘You are in shock.' I looked at her and started crying hysterically. She asked if I could move everything. She was a nurse.

"It's like I was guided. Then I wound up sitting with a nurse on the sidewalk."

I commented, "You were up in the air while you saw the guys get out of the car and help your ex-husband. You must have been up there a long time."

Carolyn replied, "It was like there was no time. There was no time element. I don't understand it. I saw it all and I thought, ‘He's okay, ✓.' I'm up in the air reviewing all the stunt movies, figuring out how to fall, ✓. Found a clearing, ✓. And then fell.

"In the meantime, someone was lifting me up by the elbows. I was guided. Someone guided me. It wasn't my time."


Carolyn, thanks for sharing your experience with us.

Carolyn is a reader at the Mystic Messenger's Psychic Fair. She also provides several types of bodywork. You can contact her at 520-465-5785.


12:04 pm mst

Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Jewish High Holy Days: Apologies, Forgiveness, and Compassion

The Jewish High Holy Days: Apologies, Forgiveness, and Compassion

This month, Jews around the world celebrate the High Holy Days. This is a 10 day period of introspection. People think about their previous year: what has gone well and what hasn't gone well. People are encouraged to ask for forgiveness of their sins and look for ways not to repeat whatever shortcomings they have identified. People ask for forgiveness from G-d and from each other.

One important prayer has us confessing a long list of sins we may, or may not, have committed, then requesting forgiveness. One interpretation of the need for this prayer is that it is considered a communal apology. Maybe, personally, we didn't commit each sin, but someone else in the congregation may have committed it. As a group, we ask for forgiveness because we are all connected.

Based on what I've learned from psychics and channelers, I thought about another perspective. In our multiple lifetimes on Earth, we have done everything. We have been warriors and heroes. We have inflicted pain and we have been victimized. What if this prayer is really about continuing to clear sins from previous lifetimes? The sins we have forgotten? The people we have injured and killed? What if this prayer is an attempt to clear Karma and connections over lifetimes?

After physical death, we go through a life review. We see all that we have done and we understand how we have impacted other people. On Earth, Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement) is like an annual life review. However, we only critique what we remember and we only see things from our viewpoint. We don't experience what other people felt while interacting with us.

It's good to take stock of our lives. We can feel good about our successes, and identify areas needing improvement. We can hope for another joyful year on Earth in which we can do better and better.

I wish each of you a wonderful, fulfilling year to come.

This is a condensed version of the prayer of communal confession known, in Hebrew, as the "Viddui Ashamnu":

We have been guilty.
We have betrayed others.
We have stolen.
We have spoken falsely.
We have caused perversion.
We have caused others to do evil.
We have had evil hearts.
We have been violent.
We have been dishonest.
We have advised evil.
We have lied and broken promises.
We have been contemptuous.
We have rebelliously done what we should not do.
We have provoked others.
We have failed to do what is right.
We have succumbed to temptation.
We have acted without regard to moral standards.
We have persecuted and oppressed others.
We have been stubborn.
We have been wicked.
We have corrupted.
We have committed abominations.
We have gone astray.
We have misled others.

After reciting the prayer, we ask for forgiveness and compassion, and we vow to do better in the coming year.

I apologize for all of the ways I may have hurt people or done less than I could do to help them. This year, I will be more generous in thought and in deed.


12:06 pm mst

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