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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Divorce: An Uncommon Perspective

Divorce: An Uncommon Perspective

Announcement: This Sunday, May 1, the Mystic Messengers will hold a Psychic Fair at the DoubleTree Inn on South Alvernon Road. I'll be there, and I hope to see you too.


This weekend, my husband and I will celebrate our anniversary. We've been married a long time. Yet, today, I'm writing about Divorce. (Don't worry, it's not a hint.) Spirit shared an interesting perspective on Divorce, and I'm passing it along to you:

Divorce. It's seasons. It's like clothes wearing out. Does that mean the clothing wasn't good? It was your favorite, you wore it every day and you wore it out. Now it's no longer keeping you warm. It's not a matter of boredom. It's not a matter of "taking for granted." It's a matter of "it has served its purpose and no longer serves its purpose."

If you came in to be an example to that person of another way of life and they have not grasped it by a certain point, will you continue to waste your resources? Sometimes loyalty and love say "yes." But for the greatest good of all concerned . . . Perhaps there is an individual who hungers for your vibration and has a lot to offer in return. You could be a model for the world that a higher goal is attainable: a tranquil, stable life. Joy. A partnership where you both respect and value each other versus, "I will put up with you because I promised." Well, you kept your word and now there are two miserable people instead of, "We go in peace and set each other free. May we each find the vibration that we have matured to."

The time and the lessons with that life partner are done and complete. Not a failure. Not an ending, but a beginning to their truth.

Why make life-long commitments on something that is ever-changing? That would be like saying, "I will forever live by the ocean." Well, that may be a good intention, but that may not be the way it works out. Maybe the ocean has algae that you are allergic to in this lifetime? Things change. Your physical vessel, will, spirit, and mind change and grow. To find someone who changes and grows with you is beautiful. It means that there is room for each to grow without judgement. Many relationships are not that centered and balanced; they are toxic.

Love truly and completely, yourself and those around you. Love others as you would want to be loved. Love G-d above all, the G-d within you.

You can love lots of brothers and sisters; it doesn't take love from the other. You can love a friend platonically. You can love many people in a spousal manner. You are the ones who created free will and the rules and the laws.

There were beautiful Native American traditions. The maiden picked who she slept with, and when. This was understood, respected, and valued. She would multiply with the bravest, the strongest, the sturdiest; whatever it took because it was for good of that tribe. It was their livelihood. The guys weren't jealous. The women weren't possessive. Don't have to own you. What happened that that became "the barbaric way"? You being "mine and only mine" is as foreign as saying, "I'll take 12 of you."

We find it barbaric that some traditions marry children at the age of 8, or promise them to be betrothed when they are born.

Love all to the degree that you feel comfortable. If you do not feel comfortable having a physical relationship, have a platonic relationship. If you don't feel comfortable in a platonic relationship, love them and send them on their way. Love has to be the common denominator in all your relationships.

If you have spread love to anyone today, it was your gift and honor.


A couple of years ago, during our interview, I asked Melody Krafft how she delivered bad news. She answered: If someone asks me about a personal relationship with their boyfriend and I see it coming to a close, I don't see that as bad news. I remind people that within every loss, there is a gift and to look at it that way. Another door is going to open for them and something better is going to come into their life. They should look at the lessons they have learned from that relationship. How can there be bad news?

So, there you go, a few ideas to turn around in your mind. Let me know what you think.


11:23 am mst

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Having and Not Having
Quote from a Spirit Guide: Having and Not Having

There are two sides to each desire that you have. There is the "having" side and the "not having" side. On which side, on the emotional scale, do you stand? Emotions are vitally important when manifesting what you desire. Things will manifest, but what happens depends on the side where your emotions lay.

If you seek abundance, want abundance, desire abundance, but you say, "I need," then you are on the side of not having. If you see and feel in your heart that you are abundance, it is yours. It is important to be clear in your own thought, your own mind, as to the side on which you sit. How you think. Where you lay your emotions.

Many times the difference is very slight. "I am that I am." "I am abundance." Be that. Know that you are. It is one of the most basic mantras that people start with, but it is still true.

10:17 am mst

Thursday, April 21, 2016

All Souls. All Choices.

All Souls. All Choices.

It's a magical, mystical universe.

I've been listening to several people who communicate with Spirit Guides. I've discovered that there are many layers to understanding who we are. As soon as I comprehend one layer, another layer is revealed. I write for those who wish to know more; people who want to be more conscious of how the world works and their place in the universe. This is the latest information.

We are all souls which are part of an interactive universe. Inter-realm connectivity happens every day.

We each have a special place in the universe, a vibration of our own. Energy vibrates at different speeds and frequencies. Each of us has our unique energy signature. With focused intention, or relaxed meditation, we can alter our frequency to better connect with other souls which vibrate at higher frequencies. This allows inter-realm communication and psychic insights.

We are all souls: humans, Spirit Guides, angels, deceased friends and relatives. Animals. All existing in the unseen, non-physical universe.

We have choices. If we decide it's time for an adventure, we can choose to be born into a body on Earth. That places us in the "human" category. Or, let your mind expand and take this in: we can choose to be born as a rock, an animal, a tree, or a plant, and have a different kind of life experience on Earth.

Or, we can choose to be born on another planet.

We can remain in the non-physical world, hanging out, learning about everything, holding jobs, attending concerts, and assisting our incarnated friends on Earth. If we want to, we can agree with a friend to take on a larger role in their life. On the other side, before a soul's birth into a body, we can arrange to be their Spirit Guide. That soul is born into a body and we remain on the other side, providing insights, protecting them, and guiding them.

Next round, we might choose to come into human form, and they might agree to stay in the non-physical world, guiding us. All choices.

Alternatively, we can agree to come to Earth with our friends and play particular roles in each other's lives, for our growth. For example, we may need to learn about compassion, so our friend may agree to be poor, or our children may agree to be sick.

Or, we may want to learn patience, so our friend becomes someone who tries our patience. At the same time, we play the role that our friend needs to see. Dependent? Co-dependent? However we set things up.

All choices.

Sometimes, we volunteer to come to Earth as a teacher. We lead by example.

As we gain more experience and fine-tune our energy, opportunities appear. Souls can begin to vibrate at a higher, angelic frequency. I had heard that angels do not experience full physical lives on Earth, but I am now hearing that things blend more than I thought. A soul can "graduate" and incorporate angelic energy into their current lifetime as a human being. This can happen after a traumatic event or a near-death experience.

Alternatively, an angel can see the need to appear as a human so they can act as a teacher, or rescue someone in an emergency. They can take a temporary human form.

All souls. All choices. People, angels, Spirit Guides, the deceased.

The other prominent player to acknowledge is our Higher Self. Our Higher Self is connected to the Universal Source of Energy and oversees our life on Earth. In fact, it may be overseeing our several simultaneous lives on Earth, or elsewhere. The Higher Self is an extension of this Universal Source of Energy, a spark, existing as a link between G-d and us, and fully focused on our soul. It is our soul. It is sometimes referred to as an oversoul because it oversees our multiple lifetimes.

From our standpoint, it looks like we are living a single life. However, through reincarnation into human bodies, we live many lifetimes. Our Higher Self is the repository of all we have experienced and learned throughout these lifetimes. We feel whole in our body, yet we are just one piece of the whole "puzzle of us" which is being integrated into our Higher Self.

So much to learn . . . if we're curious about it. If we would rather learn about tennis, or golf, or travel, that's okay too. No need to be aware of any of this. This is just my area of curiosity so I'm sharing what I learn. I enjoy asking questions and I love hearing answers.

I hope you find this blog post thought-provoking. Feel free to share it with your friends.

Let me know what you think.


10:05 am mst

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The Material World

Quote from a Psychic - Melody Krafft

"The material world which we live in has been created out of our thoughts. If we create something which is not out of love, it is illusionary. Fear is illusionary. If we are in the space of love, and recognize that the essence of who we are is love, then we are aligned with the Source of everything. Some people call it G-d, some people call it the Great Spirit. We are all from that consciousness which created everything. We have infinite potential within us. Most people just don't realize that because they are in the space of fear and scarcity. When you start learning that you really are love, you have access to wonderful things."

Melody Krafft


9:25 am mst

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Families and Children

Families and Children

Today is my daughter's birthday. Very exciting. We had a traumatic birth experience. When she was born, the cord was wrapped around her neck three times. She didn't breathe on her own. She hovered between life and death. After being revived, she was taken to the neonatal intensive care unit where she progressed. A few days later, we brought her home.

At the time, the doctors didn't know if there would be long-term consequences from lack of oxygen. Fortunately, she is fine. More than fine: smart, accomplished, determined, grown. I am very proud of her.

This daughter was an angry infant. She glared at people. My husband and I had the strong feeling that she didn't want to be here. This experience opened our eyes to the possibility of reincarnation. Had she returned too soon? Had her traumatic birth helped her to remember, and mourn for, the beauty of "the other side"? Why was she inconsolable? Lucky for us, she adapted to this world, to this lifetime.

Our angry baby was a test of our character. With the tension and frustration, my husband and I could have turned on each other. We didn't. We learned to work together and we grew as a team. Parents set the household atmosphere. Calm? Frenzied? Hostile? Parents set the stage for everyone's experience. We worked to remain calm.

Some people seem to think that they "own" their children. They don't. Parents are the vessels through which children enter the world. They are fellow travelers choosing to be born into families at the same time.

As we grow together, we influence each other. We do the best we can to guide our children. If things aren't working out the way we envision, we learn to "allow." We allow our children to make the choices which give them (and us) the opportunity to experience success and failure. I hear that we learn more through failure than success. I prefer success because it feels so good.

My latest success? Getting back to work with Laurie Hays. She hasn't felt well for a few months and now she is feeling better. Laurie channels messages from Spirit Guides. When we work together, I can ask questions about anything and receive thoughtful, sometimes surprising, messages. Sitting in that energy, I feel like I am experiencing a miracle. As you read this blog, you'll often find messages (like Tuesday's quote about The Silent Majority) which came through sessions with Laurie.

Here are a few ideas about children from one of our channeling sessions:

What a blessing it is when a child chooses a family. What an honor that this child chose to come through those parents.

Right now, a great deal of spiritual source love energy wants to come into the world. You see multiples, twins and triplets, and families which are multiplying when they were least expecting it, because souls are so hungry to come through.

Sometimes, parents misunderstand their role. They think it is their place to teach the child. However, this is where the child teaches the parents unconditional love and warmth. Parents are not always receptive. Sometimes children are disregarded, left alone. Sometimes parents are not fully engaged because of one addiction or another.

Other times, parents think of their baby as a possession, not as a unique soul. It is as if the Divine itself has come into their home and they just think, "Oh, he's cute."

The situation of the child's first three years becomes their "normal."

Children who are loved and cherished from the beginning, regardless of what transpires down the line, will continue to feel loved and cherished. Children who are not embraced in the first three years of life, will have issues with connection and direction, because they are not rooted. It is like you take a tender, little plant and, as the seed starts to grow, one week you put in rough, dry soil. Another week, you put it in moist, nutritious soil. Another week, you don't water it. What kind of a chance would that plant have?

Cultivate peace in your surroundings. Teach peace in their surroundings. The first three years set the stage for the rest of life.


P.S. If you have universal questions for me to ask during channeling sessions, e-mail them to me and I'll do what I can.

11:27 am mst

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Violence in the World and the Silent Majority

Violence in the World and the Potential Impact of the Silent Majority

I asked about violence in the world. This is part of the answer which came from Spirit Guides:

"Many, many, pray in unity for what appear to be very tragic, innocent souls who, by a choice of someone who is not coming from a love space, has returned them back to divine light and love.

"The difficulties being faced by so many young ones growing up without parents, growing up in hardship, this has always been, our dear. If you look back at the wars that left so many without the males, left so many without income; if you look back at tragedy after tragedy that has happened in society, you have the awareness to know that those difficulties are passed on generation to generation to generation. Those are the ones you can see. They grasp attention because one would have to be non-human not to feel the tragedy that is happening in humanity.

"But, we have another perspective. You remember how they state 'the silent majority?'

"The silent majority exists. You have connected with like-minded people. Many groups, many churches, many spiritual organizations, all acting independently, feel splintered. Think of themselves as threads, our dear, a thread here, a thread there. Do threads not mend a hole, a gap, in a fabric?

"What you see and are aware of is indeed transpiring and, at times, heartbreaking, but the rallying of like-minded spiritual souls who put out a web of prayers, of positive energy of 'we will not own that or claim that. We will not be limited by negativity,' has risen to a new crescendo, a new level where souls reach out to souls. Where faiths reach out to faiths. Where no longer are individuals separate, for they are uniting for the greatest good, in prayer.

"Our dear, if those who are the silent majority, who are inspired by pure love, were to stand up, just by standing up, not fighting, not opposing, not preaching; just standing up and saying, 'Enough,' the world would be transformed."

                     Channeled through Laurie Hays
If you would like to know more about Laurie and her work, you can purchase her "Psychics Speak" interview for 99 cents, as a Kindle e-book. Her interview can be found on

2:51 pm mst

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Diverting Negative Energy

Diverting Negative Energy

If we are like cities, and negative energy flows towards us like water, how can we keep ourselves dry? We can move to higher ground, or we can build canals and divert the water around us so that we remain dry. The situation would be even better if we could send this diverted water to areas where it was needed, like gardens. Interesting visual, I think.

In March, John Hunter explained that negative energy often comes toward us, and we can use tools to divert the energy around us so that we are healthy and happy in our own energy.

I asked John about those tools. How do we protect ourselves and build energy-diverting "canals"? He said that we can use visualization to shield ourselves and to encourage energy to move around us, not through us. We don't allow the negative energy to attach to us.

I went home and thought about all John had said. I was confused. Visualization can help us deflect energy? I came up with two questions to help me understand the ideas, then I brought up those questions in April.

I asked John, "How exactly do we shield ourselves and move the energy around us?"

John answered that in our earlier conversation, we had talked about things defensively.

He suggested that we say, "Every time negative energy heads my way, it's okay because I have a system which diverts the energy around me." When we are specific about what we want, we manifest a program which keeps the energy away from us. We won't have to visualize the energy diversion every time. We can create a rule for our space which causes negative energy to flow around us, and not attach to us.

As we divert the energy, it will find a natural place to go. We are not responsible for this negative energy. Once we let it pass by us, the universe knows what to do with it.

I questioned, "When we divert the negative energy around us and send it to an area that needs energy, we don't want to send negative energy. How can we convert the negative energy to positive energy?"

John commented that this idea shifted us from a defensive position to a pro-active position.

His answer was: We greet it with love. As with all things, the answer is love. However, it's not the kind of love you might imagine. It is the kind of love which is at the center of everything. A few of the vibrations of this love are acceptance, acknowledgment, forgiveness, and letting go. These words represent vibrations. Together, these words create an all-encompassing vibration of love.

When we see negative energy coming our way, we can take four steps:

1) Acknowledgment. We acknowledge that someone is sending negative energy our way. We understand that it is not a highly-evolved energy. It is a low vibrational energy and we don't want anything to do with it. We are seeking higher vibrations.

2) Acceptance. We accept the situation for what it is. No judgement. We understand that the person sending the energy is doing the best they can. They are wherever they are in their spiritual evolution.

3) Forgiveness. We forgive. We know the person might not be feeling up to par.

4) Letting go. We say, "I don't want any part of anything which isn't positive."

By enacting those vibrations of love in our personal space, the negative energy feels acknowledged and accepted, and keeps moving. No attachment.

When we acknowledge what is coming towards us and choose not to accept it, we claim responsibility for our lives. Choosing not to accept negative energy creates a solid, powerful structure. The Universe stands by us.

John remarked: If someone comes to me and they are mad, I don't attach to it. I don't need to be mad because they are mad. I don't need to be scared because they are scared. I know this person is overwhelmed with emotion in some way. They are afraid of something. I need to acknowledge that. Acknowledgment calms them down. I'm not going to feed their fire. I'm going to reduce the oxygen. In the future, they aren't going to want to deal with me that way.

Our capability, our mission in life, is to represent love. Love is the answer to everything. Love has the ability to digest negative energy and transform it into positive energy.

John added:

"I use love to comprehend everything I come in contact with in life. That is our mission. We keep it simple. I try just the three: acknowledge, accept, and forgive. If I acknowledge, accept, and forgive everybody and everything I come in contact with, I'm going to be an unattached positive vibration. It feels true. That is all we are here to do: put ourselves in that vibration and live our lives. We live free. We are unattached. Love comes in. We grow.

"When we are not trying to control life, we get in the flow of life. Then, we receive love all of the time. We receive knowledge and wisdom. We let go of anything negative. We don't need it."

After two question-and-answer sessions with John, I think I understand how this can work. I hope you do too. Let me know what you think.


P.S. After last week's post about the cost of funerals, two people responded that each state has a funeral co-op which negotiates lower prices. Membership costs $12 per year.

10:20 am mst

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Pets are People Too
The Love of Pets - a message from Spirit

Some people think animals are just pets and mascots. They are so much more. They are spiritual ambassadors with fur. We need to realize that relationships with pets are predestined, or we wouldn't feel the joy and the love that we feel in our life with them. We would not be drawn to their energy. That is why they came in too, to be with us.

Pets are gatekeepers, and they are with us always. Their energy continues with our current pets. It is a blessing.

Of course they have a soul. They are connected to our souls. How can we not know that when they connect with our souls so deeply?

Pets are people too.


[This message came through at a friend's channeling session.]

10:56 am mst

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Funeral Costs

Announcement: The Mystic Messengers Psychic Fair will be this Sunday, April 3, at the DoubleTree Inn on South Alvernon Road in Tucson, AZ.

Things you didn't know you wanted to know: Funeral Costs

In the market for a funeral? Too squeamish to look into this yourself? Too morbid? Let me tell you what happened as I looked into "preplanning." I wanted to understand what was involved, and to be ready if I received that dreaded phone call telling me it was time to contact a funeral home.

In the moment of grief, when a loved one has passed, we will do anything, sign anything, to have the body gently prepared for burial or cremation. We will call a funeral home, be grateful for assistance, and make the arrangements we believe our loved one would appreciate.

What we may not realize is that many mortuaries and cemeteries (M/C) are for-profit businesses.

Today, I want to share my experience of visiting two M/Cs "just in case." I don't know if these places are representative of all M/Cs, or if I stumbled into a unique situation. I'm just telling you what happened.

Mortuary/Cemetery A is a large, established, 100 year old facility in the middle of Tucson, AZ.

Mortuary/Cemetery B is a new, small facility on the outskirts of town, in what they call "the countryside."

At both M/Cs, I met with kind, professional, knowledgeable women. They had taken the time to learn about different religious traditions relating to the end of life. The big difference in the facilities was cost.

To be clear, two separate functions are provided. The mortuary staff picks up the body and prepares it for burial or cremation. They pull permits, arrange for death certificates, oversee memorial services, provide a casket, arrange the financial aspects, and accept payment. Financing is available.

On the cemetery side, staff opens the burial plot, buries the casket with the body, installs a dome liner (if necessary) so the top soil doesn't cave in and become uneven, and closes the grave. Eventually, a headstone is erected.

Sometimes mortuaries and cemeteries are located together. Other times, an off-site funeral home is used and the body is transported to the cemetery. The two places I visited had the mortuary adjacent to the cemetery.

At the first M/C, I discovered that a simple burial with a small graveside service and the least expensive casket, cost nearly $14,000. The cost of flowers, clergy, obituaries, pamphlets, a full memorial service, and a more-ornate casket, can add thousands of dollars. I was shocked at $14,000+. Sticker shock.

I thought, "Who can afford a $14,000 funeral?" Even if you can afford it, it's a lot of money.

A week later, I visited the newer, smaller, M/C outside of Tucson. At that location, a similar burial cost $7,000. Half the price. Saving $7,000. Wow. That's quite a price range. After the sticker shock at M/C A, $7,000 seemed do-able.

Lest you think that cremation is affordable, I'll share those costs with you too. At M/C A, a simple cremation, when you take the ashes home with you, begins at $1500. Interring the ashes in an urn garden adds at least $1000. A ceremony in the mortuary is an additional cost. The grand total for a funeral/cremation runs about $5000. Interestingly, caskets are also sold for cremations. I'm not sure why a full casket is necessary, but they can cost several thousand dollars.

At M/C B, the cost of a simple cremation, when you take the ashes home, is $800. A cremation plot, a space in the memorial wall, and an upgraded urn, extend the price (but I didn't ask about these costs).

Wow. Who knew? I'm glad I shopped around a little. I learned so much. These ballpark figures give you an idea that visiting more than one M/C can save thousands of dollars.

Did you realize that funerals were so expensive?

You can share your experience with me by sending an e-mail to


9:35 am mst

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Quote from Kat

I pulled the name from the drawing for the chakra-balancing pendant. The winner is Sonia E.! Congratulations, Sonia.


Quote from a Psychic - Kat Riegel

If I had one wish for humanity, I would wish that people could be more open-minded about things. It doesn't mean that people need to change what they do or how they act, but I would like them to be able to accept other people's ideas and think about them.

Kat Riegel
Animal Communicator
Interview available as a Kindle e-book  

11:22 am mst

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Jeff Sonnenburg

The Tucson Museum of Art Show was great. I sold a lot of artwork and met some fascinating folks. I want to thank everyone who stopped to chat with me. I met people all across the spiritual spectrum, from those who are psychic, to those who don't believe inter-realm communication is possible, to those who believe it's the work of the devil. It's nice to know that there is room for growth for all of us.

I want to mention two guys who stopped at my table. Each one had experienced a psychic moment, but had not fully understood what it was.

One guy told me that his mother had come to him in a dream and shared an important message. He didn't yet have the vocabulary to say that this was a "visitation." He said she seemed to be behind "a screen." I explained that the screen was often referred to as "the veil between the worlds." He said that she seemed younger than he remembered. I explained that on the other side, souls often appear at an age where they felt healthy and vibrant. This guy had shared his story with people who didn't know enough to take it seriously. I'm honored when someone shares their experience with me and I can help them understand why things appeared the way they did, and that these communications were real.

The other gentleman told me how he had thought about a friend he hadn't seen in years. Thirty minutes later, the guy had rung his doorbell. This is known as "synchronicity," and probably also ESP. This kind of alignment can be astonishing.

At the show, three people who were interviewed for this Project stopped by to say "hello," along with quite a few friends. So much fun!

More news:

1) The next Mystic Messengers Psychic Fair will be April 3 at the DoubleTree Inn on South Alvernon Road in Tucson, AZ. The Fair will run from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m.

2) I'll pull the winning name for the chakra-balancing pendant this weekend and announce it on Tuesday's blog post. Check the blog to see if you've won. Many people entered their name in the drawing at my last couple of events.

3) Several years ago, I interviewed Jeff Sonnenburg for this Project. About a month ago, Jeff passed away. In tribute, I want to share Jeff's story with you. The short version can be read right here. I'll put the full interview on the "Featured Interview" page for one week. If you knew Jeff, you may remember what a sweet guy he could be. He could also be a powerful psychic reader. I miss him already.

Jeff Sonnenburg - Psychic, Financial Advisor, ChildFinders*

Jeff Sonnenburg has many psychic talents. One of the things which sets him apart from other psychics is that Jeff is familiar with financial information and is very comfortable predicting the stock market. He predicts the financial markets every week. His predictions are based on both logic and intuition. He receives many kinds of traditional financial information (such as newsletters), then sifts through the information to recommend stocks. Interestingly, Jeff's Guides told him that if he did this work, he would not be allowed to invest in the stock market because it might skew his impressions.

Jeff had always known he had a gift, but it wasn't until he was in his late twenties that he met a mentor. She encouraged Jeff to do psychic readings on the street and in the subway station. She never wanted him to need any particular environmental setting to do readings. She didn't want him to need Tarot cards, pendulums, or a quiet place to work. She wanted him to be able to do readings in places where he could easily have been distracted. Jeff learned to focus so that nothing could distract his intuition.

Now, Jeff meditates and gathers information on his clients before readings. He puts about an hour of preparation into an hour of reading. He does a kind of automatic writing to ensure that he has information on the client prior to the session. He usually comes to the meeting with 3-5 pages of information to verify that he can pick up on the client. In addition, Jeff receives intuitive information during the session.

Jeff receives information on three levels, depending on the issue being addressed. The most basic level of information/energy is like a personal consciousness. If he hears a voice which sounds coarse, grounded and practical, the information provides answers to practical and minor questions. This is the level where people have the greatest amount of free will. For example, people have choices about the kind of car they want to buy.

Jeff calls the second level of information "Sphere of Influence." If the voice sounds a bit different, like a conversation, the information is coming from this second level. It is as if the information came from a group consciousness. This level provides answers about relationships, health, finances, and career. On this level, the person still has some choice over the future.

The highest level of information comes from the Holy Spirit. When Jeff connects to the Holy Spirit, the voice is extremely loud. This level of energy provides answers regarding life path and big decisions. When Jeff receives information without the client being present, it is most likely that he is getting Divine Will. The Divine Will predictions never change. They are certain.

Here is an example of how this works: According to Divine Will, the client may be destined for the experience of marriage. On the second level, there may be advice about the best spouse to select, but the person can choose from a few potential partners. On the first level, there are less-important choices, such as where to have the wedding ceremony. Jeff hears different voices giving advice on each of these levels.

In addition to private readings, Jeff has worked with the United Nations doing business, financial and political readings. He has also formed "ChildFinders," an organization of 200 psychics in eight countries who find missing children.

* This Psychic Snapshot is from the book, "My Psychic Search: discovering what psychics do, what psychics know, and how they can help us improve our lives." Jeff's full interview can be downloaded as a Kindle e-book as part of the "Psychics Speak" series.


11:34 am mst

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Quote from a Psychic - Jeff Sonnenburg

Quote from a Psychic - Jeff Sonnenburg

I asked Jeff Sonnenburg how he was able to do readings. Did he hear voices? Did he see things? Jeff answered:

"I hear a very strong voice. I thought that everybody had that voice until I was about 19 years old. At that time, a psychiatrist told me that it was not normal to hear a voice."

I asked: Does it sound like your own voice or does it sound like someone else's voice?

"It depends on the level of the intuition. If it's kind of coarse, grounded and practical, it sounds like my voice. If it is a bit different, like a conversation, it is applicable to relationships and health. When I connect to the Holy Spirit, it is extremely loud and not my voice.

"I also see and feel things. However, I don't have much respect for 'feeling' things. It's empathic and it can be mis-interpreted. During a reading, I don't want to pick up on any major decision while a client is sitting in front of me. The person can project their hopes and fears and I may not be accurate. Instead, I will go back, check my intuition and call them with a 'clean' answer. I don't want someone else's body language or facial expressions to influence my answer."

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Thursday, March 17, 2016

A Potpourri of Ideas


Today's blog post is a potpourri of ideas. I hope you find something in here which speaks to you.

1) Catching Up: Remember when I wrote the blog post, "Suspended between Life and Death" (February 18)? I am happy to report that my friend is recovering from surgery. It's a slow recovery, but moving in the direction of full health.

2) Last week, I opened the last box of My Psychic Search books. If you want one, come to this weekend's Tucson Museum of Art Spring Artisans Market. It will be a while before the books are reprinted. Gotta do my taxes first and make a bunch of corrections to the text - I found typos. :(

To prepare for the Museum show, I've made tons of Wild Girl! pins and artwork. A very good selection. The show starts tomorrow and runs through Sunday in downtown Tucson.

3) Jeff Sonnenburg, one of the psychics who I interviewed, passed away a few weeks ago. He had a wonderful connection to the non-physical world. A gift. I'll write more about him later. However, his passing reinforces the need to record these life stories. People don't live forever in their physical bodies - at least not yet. If you want to read my interview with Jeff, it is available as a Kindle e-book (Remember, you don't need a Kindle to read these e-books. They can be downloaded and read on computers, tablets, and phones.)

4) Last week, a Yogi walked into my husband's office. The Yogi gave my husband a short reading, shared some interesting tidbits, then asked for a donation to feed children at his school in India. The yogi's main message was to spend a little time with God everyday. Just like you need to feed your body every day, you also need to feed your soul.

Readings can happen anywhere. You don't always need to go to a psychic - sometimes they come to you.

5) Where are we going? Recently, I heard these ideas during a channeling session.

Spirituality is returning to civilization. Spirituality means experiencing life in a way which allows you to understand, control, and tap into your knowingness.

When your mind awakens and takes off, and your spirit recognizes the information which is coming in, there is no way to put the genie back in the bottle. To put the unknowingness back into your life. You are forever free. Forever your own person. Forever responsible for your thoughts and behaviors. The awareness of your thoughts is vastly important because you realize that you manifest your life and your destiny. You manifest your path as it feels right; as your curiosity pulls you. If you want to know the direction to grow, follow your curiosity.

There is no other destination than awakening.

People are going to take spirituality and mix it with every occupation on earth. For example, a farmer will be able to speak to plants and call in beings to watch over these plants. The farmer will talk to the sky and to water molecules to ensure rain. People will be able to talk to trees, and trees will be able to share the wisdom of their years.

Through personal manifestation, we create the things we touch, the clothes we wear, the people in our lives, the relationships we have, and the understanding of the repetitive nature of our choices. We can keep repeating, or we can learn.


That's all I've got for today. Happy St. Patrick's Day. Have a wonderful weekend.


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Tuesday, March 15, 2016


Quote from a Psychic - Manifesting

Unconscious manifestation is what you wake up to every day. Unconscious, or subconscious, manifestation makes your planet and your solar system and your universe and your clothes and your coffee. Everything that happens everyday is manifested in your subconscious. It is an agreement of all sentient beings on this planet, including the trees, the rocks, and the plants. That is the manifestation that is going on automatically in your subconscious.

To manifest outside of your subconscious, is to manifest things: "I want a new car." I would suggest you say "new," otherwise you will get an old car. Know that it will happen. Sit back and do not think about it. Do not think, "Oh, I wonder if that manifestation is coming true?" Do not impact that initial burst of desire and it will come to pass.

You all know how to manifest. When you ask, let go, and allow all that is coming to you to be, without question, without taking it apart, without rephrasing your manifestation statement, it will be.


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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Gary Wimmer
Meet a Psychic - Gary Wimmer

Gary Wimmer has been psychic his entire life. Using regular playing cards, he began giving readings in his 20s. Two psychic readings with astrologers confirmed his abilities and let him know that psychic ability would play a large role in his life. Then, early in his 30s, his psychic abilities zoomed out of control and led to a huge, near-death experience which illuminated all the possibilities of a Universal Mind. He saw that every possibility came about because it was part of this Divine Imagination. Through this beautiful experience, he learned not to fear death, or anything else.

In 1980, Gary met a woman who taught him to read stones, a technique called lithomancy. Since then, lithomancy has been Gary's main tool for psychic readings.

I interviewed Gary in July 2013. You can read our entire interview on the "Featured Interview" page of this website for the next two weeks. As part of the "Psychics Speak" series, the interview is also available for 99 cents as a Kindle e-book. After I've taken the interview down from this site, it will still be available as an e-book.

Gary spent most of his life in Texas, so be sure to read his part of the interview with a Texas drawl.

Let me know if you enjoy this interview.


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